0051: Coughy Bitters – Red Meat (2023)

On September 22nd, in the year of our lord, 2023, Coughy Bitters released Red Meat on the independent label, Santa Rosa Records.

The four track project is an off-kilter and eccentric escape through the colorful void of space and time.

The EP was written and recorded by Coughy Bitters, and co-produced and mastered by J.R. Gilmore.

Album artwork by J.R. Gilmore.

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Two more sister projects are upon the horizon.

The Fringe Ft. Martian Subculture and Rob James

Martian Subculture – Martian Improv Ruleset

In “Martian Improv Ruleset”, Martian Subculture masterfully navigates the labyrinth of experimental sound. The track is a sonic kaleidoscope, a collision of dissonance and peaceful harmony that takes you on an exhilarating, mind-bending journey through uncharted soundscapes of utter bliss.

It’s an auditory enigma that challenges conventions and invites listeners to embrace the exhilarating chaos of musical exploration.

Rob James – Haloclines

“Haloclines” by Rob James is a sonic odyssey that defies categorization. This experimental track transcends the boundaries of music as we know it, conjuring a mesmerizing soundscape that feels like a voyage through the subatomic realm.

With its intricate fusion of electronic glitches, ethereal melodies, and transcendent rhythms, it’s an immersive sonic experience that beckons you to explore the uncharted frontiers of musical creativity.

A Note From J.R. Gilmore: Adieu Santa Rosa Records

For nearly seven years I’ve poured my heart into Santa Rosa Records.

She rose from a puddle of blood, sweat, and tears in the streets of San Marcos, Texas.

And in that time she’s grown from a mere fever dream I had in the heart of South America, into an admirable boutique record label, and independent curator of underground music from around the world and across all genres.

But like all good things, the end, or death, is inevitable.

All good things must eventually come to an end my friend. This is the cyclical nature of life. Our collective fate as a living and breathing organism walking upon planet earth.

However, Santa Rosa Records will not die, she’ll merely shed her skin and evolve into a living thing of greater beauty.

Like Jesus Christ of Bethlehem, she’ll descend into hell, and then spread her wings and ascend to the heavens – born anew, like the rising Phoenix.

In plain earthling speak, in the coming weeks, Santa Rosa Records will be transitioning into a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization, and will be reimagined as Blackwater Collective.

In essence, Blackwater Collective will be a self-sustaining nonprofit record label, book publisher, and charitable creative collective dedicated to empowering the less fortunate.

Everything (label-wise) will essentially be staying the same, but we’ll be expanding the scope of the organization in order to manifest a more physical, and charitable presence in the world.

We’ll do this by adopting New Mexico highways, offering employment, training, and education in horticulture and the arts, and developing distressed areas throughout New Mexico.

And in an effort to support environmental conservation, we’ve chosen to donate to The National Audubon Society — an organization who’s in alignment with our own values in preserving natural habitats for wildlife.

Unfortunately, in order to accomplish all of this, we’ll have to mitigate the music blog facet of our organization, in order to stay focused on the bigger picture.

We’ll still post up underground artists we stumble upon, but this function will no longer be the focus of our scope.

We must adapt to the ever evolving landscape if we’re to survive.

This is merely the beginning my friend. Unfortunately, the end will have to wait for now.

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And to conclude this chapter, here are some cryptic words of wisdom from the now deceased Daniel Johnston: “Ain’t no woman gonna make a George Jones out of me.”

the fringe ft. Holy Holy Vine, Abadongo Abaganda Kampalathe, and Dog Walk

Holy Holy Vine


This low-fi gem by Holy Holy Vine takes one on a kaleidoscopic journey through glitchy soundscapes of fusion jazz, where warped beats and distorted melodies collide like improvisational savants of an otherworldly nature.

With its charming psychedelic imperfections, this experimental track transports one to a whimsical realm where the lo-fi walks into a meandering lucid dream of another kind.

This is where improvisational jazz and psychedelia meet.

Abadongo Abaganda Kampala

Okukomawe, Uganda (ca. 1948)

This analog gem from the vault is a vintage sonic experiment that dances on the edge of chaos and harmony, weaving a hypnotic tapestry of raw emotions and unfiltered passion.

This Ugandan track tugs at the heartstrings with its haunting melodies and gritty vocals.

Now brace yourself for an unconventional auditory adventure, as this song pushes the boundaries of experimentalism, and challenges traditional normalities.

Dog Walk

Passenger Seat

Embracing lo-fi aesthetics, this innovative composition by Dog Walk melds vintage melodies and more modern elements, resulting in a sonic time capsule that defies time.

In an enchanting blend of simplicity and intricacy, this underground track showcases the beauty of lo-fi experimentation, leaving one captivated by its understated, and shimmering brilliance.

Now unravel the enigmatic layers of this lo-fi masterpiece, where echoes of electrified instruments and haunting whispers coalesce, crafting an otherworldly sonic tapestry of psychedelic brilliance.