Far West Texas Music & Arts Festival | 2021

The Experience

On the last Saturday and Sunday in July of 2021, Santa Rosa Records will host the inaugural bi-annual Far West Texas Music & Arts Festival.

Delectable food trucks, transcendental art, and out of this world music will be the focal point of the arid desert festival. Build your own primitive paradise, or check into one of our tents ― the choice is yours.

The 2-day festival will feature a diverse lineup of indie artists from around the world.

If you’re a local food vendor or a visual artist who would like to set up shop, please contact us to reserve a spot.

The Lineup: The Virtuals | Lukka | Dean Rivers | Digitalia Records | Polyan & the Johnson Sisters | Daniel Ruiz | Stray Owls | MInaMize | Good Coffee

In an effort to support the arts — 100% of the net profits from ticket sales will be split among the performing artists.