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Submission Tips

Submit your music to our subreddit, a space where redditors will upvote or downvote your track. It’s good exposure and just might get you featured on our website! But first, learn how to submit your music more effectively.

For a guaranteed and honest album review, mail your vinyl record to: 1700 Ward Street, Midland, Texas 79705

We’ve gotten a lot of albums in the mail as of late — so please have patience as we get to your record. Just remember that we listen to all physical albums mailed to us (even cassette tapes and compact discs) but will only be reviewing vinyl records at this moment in space and time.

We do our very best to listen to each and every submission sent our way, but due to a recent surge in volume, you may now also submit your music via SubmitHub for a guaranteed listen plus some honest feedback.

Send us your music on SubmitHub

You may also try to email us, but the most effective way to get in touch with us (by far) is on Instagram. So give us a follow and shoot us a DM.

Write For Us

We’re looking for writers who have a story to tell. If you have something of value that you’d like to publish on our website, then please send it our way using the form below. In return, we’ll link to your project and give you a shout on social media! We only ask that the writing be original, and not posted elsewhere.

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