0008: Stings Poetic by That Dog Was a Band Now (2018)

Transatlantic outfit That Dog Was a Band Now released Stings Poetic on Santa Rosa Records — April 20th, 2018.

The album was recorded in a shipping container in Denmark.

It is an exceptional work of Americana art. A splendid blend of alternative folk music and sultry theatrics. A cosmic work of art.

The album was written by frontman Dustin Allen, mixed by Jared Mongeau, produced and engineered by Eske Aller, and mastered by the legendary Kramer.

The boys will be touring Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK this summer.

Stings Poetic is now streaming everywhere music is available.

0006: Polyan & the Johnson Sisters – Lonely Bologna (2018)

Polyan & the Johnson Sisters released their debut LP Lonely Bologna on Santa Rosa Records — March 26th, 2018.

Polyan is the experimental lo-fi folk project of Jon DeCarlo and company. It’s nothing short of brilliant. No, it’s a work of existential art ― a goddamn masterpiece of angst and self-loathing.

“Folk music is great because it’s crafted by the collective conscious, people add and change things as they interpret the music in whatever way they feel, and slowly a median product gets shaped and then this like seed that was planted generations before grows into this massive thing that the whole world had a part in making.” – Jon DeCarlo

The album is now available everywhere music is available.

0005: Lychnis – Sky Walker (2017)

Lychnis released Sky Walker on Santa Rosa Records — November 24th, 2017.

“Sky Walker” is a transcendental mashup of minimal electronic and pop music. A lush manifestation of vulnerable lyrics and a beautiful soundscape. A tragic sci-fi romance. It’s simply sublime.

“If I died on Orion’s shoulder will you replace me? Tell me it’s over. I can feel the fire of the c-beam fleet. The stars are alive and you’ll never see.”

Sky Walker is now streaming everywhere music is available. 

0004: Electronic Warfare Squadron – The Moon Landing (2017)

Electronic Warfare Squadron is the sonic brainchild of Dave Ryan and Jesse Gilmore.

The Moon Landing was recorded in the Texas hill country — at Santa Rosa Records — where Dave and Jesse took an experimental trip into the multidimensional world of sound by fusing the psychedelic and alternative indie rock.

Dave penned the debut EP, Jesse produced it, and Kramer mixed, mastered, and played bass on it. 

The EP is now streaming everywhere music is available.