0041: Bobby T. Lewis – Sweet Summer Spirit (2021)

On a crisp December 5th, in the year 2021, Bobby T. Lewis released Sweet Summer Spirit on the independent label, Santa Rosa Records. And as the cryptic rain came down on a dark December night, a winsome melody resonated with my tired spirit.

What it was, I couldn’t quite pinpoint, but one thing I felt for certain was an overwhelming sense of peace. A reprieve from evil — in low fidelity mind you. 

A cool dewdrop on a hot summer morning. A warm kitten curled up by the fire on a cold night. An old record sputtering music from an ancient age — both dead and gone, but an age that was never really forgotten. These are the emotions that pique upon the brains of those who dabble in the sonic iridescence of Bobby’s latest project, Sweet Summer Spirit.

What was once a shallow well of electrified madness, is now a stripped down landscape of timeless beauty.

As the ghostly vocals pierce through the misty soundscape of Bobby’s latest release, it reminds one of a time that was almost lost, but a time that was never really found. It’s an intermission of sorts — preparing for the path ahead.

Sweet Summer Spirit is sunshine at dawn — deep within the rolling hills of Missouri. A radiant sound that is both bright and introspective, yet ever so tenuous and distraught with heartbreak — disturbed only by a single drop of rain.

Go get yourself a rad lo-fi mic from Sawyer Cigar Box Guitars! All hail analog.

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0040: Bobby T. Lewis – Hidalgo Night (2021)

On a solemn Sunday, November 28th, in the year 2021, Bobby T. Lewis released the single, “Hidalgo Night”, on the independent label, Santa Rosa Records.

The track is an introspective tune filled with heartfelt sadness. But a tune that will lift your spirit, and carry you off to a better place. When all seems lost, simply lay your head down, close your eyes, and drift off to a place of romance and broken dreams.

And now, here it is, the sole single off of Bobby’s upcoming EP, Sweet Summer Spirit.

“One mic for drums, a vintage telephone receiver for vocals, and a one-eyed kitty (who slept on my kick pedal while in use) made the experience extra special. I am constantly reminded that the moment is all we have. Life is good, my friends. I hope that you enjoy.” – Bobby

Special thanks to Ryan O’Malley, Chase Mussey, John Sawyer, and Pirate! Go buy yourself a rad lo-fi mic from Sawyer Cigar Box Guitars! All hail analog.



0039: Dean Rivers – Anhedonia (2021)

Definition of an·​he·​do·​niaA psychological condition characterized by inability to experience pleasure in normally pleasurable acts.

It was six years ago as I sat in the darkness of the Texas hill country. Santa Rosa Records was merely a fantastic dream in my head. I knew not how or when, but felt that it had to be done. So I opened my heart, and here we are six years later with yet another beautiful release sitting upon the table.

On this day, July 28th, in the year 2021, Dean Rivers released his debut EP Anhedonia on the independent label, Santa Rosa Records.

The prodigious project is a throwback to those now dead and gone, yet intertwines a new and fresh sonic vibration. A vibration dripping with elements of psychedelia, rock and roll, and avant-garde experimentalism.

The five track EP is a nostalgic slow dance through the bizarre fabric of our universe.

No matter how hard the journey becomes, or how far the path takes you, just remember that there is and always will be beauty in this world. And artists like Dean are living proof of this overarching universal truth. Now, strap in, and prepare yourself for a trip of lifetime. There will be turbulence ahead.

Anhedonia is now available everywhere music is distributed. Stream it today on YouTube or iTunes. And be sure to give Dean a follow on Spotify.

“I wasted all my life, just to sit in front of you.” – Streams of Consciousness, Dean Rivers

0038: Bobby T. Lewis – Mighty Was Your Light (2020)

On a bright and crisp autumn morning, just weeks before the winter solstice, in the calamitous year of 2020, Bobby T. Lewis released his debut EP Mighty Was Your Light on the independent label, Santa Rosa Records.

The album is a faded expression of experimental brilliance in low fidelity. A beautiful work of transcendental folk art that’s fit for a melancholy morning of pastries and coffee with loved ones.

The imperfections sewn into the fabric of the album are what makes it truly shine. From the chirping birds to the hazy lo-fi melodies that cut right to the heart — Mighty Was Your Light is a relative reflection of a modest man who has traveled through the valley and returned home to the light.

In the end, Mighty Was Your Light is nothing less than a classic set of minimalistic tracks that will age like a fine libation and make the butterflies in your chest flutter with hope.

“Most of this EP was recorded in 2014, shortly after my son was born. I recorded it next to the crib that my parents bought for him. I figured it wasn’t good enough to release, so I shelved it. I was still finding my voice. It is far from perfect.

The next few years were some of the most challenging that I have ever experienced. I lost a lot during that time, including my mom, dad, and little sister, who died in a car accident.

Sorting through the collective aftermath of so much loss and the joy of knowing my sweet son, I started playing music again. During a late-night recording session, “Fenwick’s Art of Dying” was captured. Based on a book about near-death experiences, death is painted as a second chance. Fittingly so, it finds a place on this EP.

These songs are dedicated to my loving mom. May her wave goodbye featured on the cover be a mere “see you later.”” – Bobby T. Lewis

Mighty Was Your Light is now available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and everywhere else music is available. Follow Bobby T. Lewis on Spotify to keep up with his future releases.

0037: Bobby T. Lewis – Moon Pie (2020)

Sunday, November 29th, in the infamous year of 2020, Bobby T. Lewis released his debut single “Moon Pie” on the independent label, Santa Rosa Records.

The coming out track is a gentle and soothing meditation upon the delicate nature of life. A winsome melody in low fidelity. Indeed, a beacon of iridescent light in a cosmos enshrouded in mist and confusion. In summary, the song entails the long and lonesome journey back home, with only the moonlight to light the way, and seems to bring comfort to all who listen.

“I figured it wasn’t good enough to release, so I shelved it. I was still finding my voice. It is far from perfect. I hope that you enjoy.” – Bobby T. Lewis

“Moon Pie”, along with the rest of the tracks off of Bobby’s upcoming album “Mighty was Your Light” (release date slated for 12/6/2020) were recorded shortly after the birth of his son, next to a crib that Bobby’s parents had bought for him.

The music was written by Bobby T. Lewis. Christopher Mitchell was the Director of Photography, Alex Ke the First Assistant Camera, and the enchanting animation was done by the one and only Chase Mussey. And a special thanks to Chris Hanzek, Jordan Essary, and Mike Parish @ 424 Recording.

“Moon Pie” was recorded on four-track cassette — all hail analog. Procure the single today over on bandcamp, and be sure to give Bobby a follow on Spotify!