The Fringe Ft. Martian Subculture and Rob James

Martian Subculture – Martian Improv Ruleset

In “Martian Improv Ruleset”, Martian Subculture masterfully navigates the labyrinth of experimental sound. The track is a sonic kaleidoscope, a collision of dissonance and peaceful harmony that takes you on an exhilarating, mind-bending journey through uncharted soundscapes of utter bliss.

It’s an auditory enigma that challenges conventions and invites listeners to embrace the exhilarating chaos of musical exploration.

Rob James – Haloclines

“Haloclines” by Rob James is a sonic odyssey that defies categorization. This experimental track transcends the boundaries of music as we know it, conjuring a mesmerizing soundscape that feels like a voyage through the subatomic realm.

With its intricate fusion of electronic glitches, ethereal melodies, and transcendent rhythms, it’s an immersive sonic experience that beckons you to explore the uncharted frontiers of musical creativity.

A Note From J.R. Gilmore: Adieu Santa Rosa Records

For nearly seven years I’ve poured my heart into Santa Rosa Records.

She rose from a puddle of blood, sweat, and tears in the streets of San Marcos, Texas.

And in that time she’s grown from a mere fever dream I had in the heart of South America, into an admirable boutique record label, and independent curator of underground music from around the world and across all genres.

But like all good things, the end, or death, is inevitable.

All good things must eventually come to an end my friend. This is the cyclical nature of life. Our collective fate as a living and breathing organism walking upon planet earth.

However, Santa Rosa Records will not die, she’ll merely shed her skin and evolve into a living thing of greater beauty.

Like Jesus Christ of Bethlehem, she’ll descend into hell, and then spread her wings and ascend to the heavens – born anew, like the rising Phoenix.

In plain earthling speak, in the coming weeks, Santa Rosa Records will be transitioning into a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization, and will be reimagined as Blackwater Collective.

In essence, Blackwater Collective will be a self-sustaining nonprofit record label, book publisher, and charitable creative collective dedicated to empowering the less fortunate.

Everything (label-wise) will essentially be staying the same, but we’ll be expanding the scope of the organization in order to manifest a more physical, and charitable presence in the world.

We’ll do this by adopting New Mexico highways, offering employment, training, and education in horticulture and the arts, and developing distressed areas throughout New Mexico.

And in an effort to support environmental conservation, we’ve chosen to donate to The National Audubon Society — an organization who’s in alignment with our own values in preserving natural habitats for wildlife.

Unfortunately, in order to accomplish all of this, we’ll have to mitigate the music blog facet of our organization, in order to stay focused on the bigger picture.

We’ll still post up underground artists we stumble upon, but this function will no longer be the focus of our scope.

We must adapt to the ever evolving landscape if we’re to survive.

This is merely the beginning my friend. Unfortunately, the end will have to wait for now.

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And to conclude this chapter, here are some cryptic words of wisdom from the now deceased Daniel Johnston: “Ain’t no woman gonna make a George Jones out of me.”

the fringe ft. Holy Holy Vine, Abadongo Abaganda Kampalathe, and Dog Walk

Holy Holy Vine


This low-fi gem by Holy Holy Vine takes one on a kaleidoscopic journey through glitchy soundscapes of fusion jazz, where warped beats and distorted melodies collide like improvisational savants of an otherworldly nature.

With its charming psychedelic imperfections, this experimental track transports one to a whimsical realm where the lo-fi walks into a meandering lucid dream of another kind.

This is where improvisational jazz and psychedelia meet.

Abadongo Abaganda Kampala

Okukomawe, Uganda (ca. 1948)

This analog gem from the vault is a vintage sonic experiment that dances on the edge of chaos and harmony, weaving a hypnotic tapestry of raw emotions and unfiltered passion.

This Ugandan track tugs at the heartstrings with its haunting melodies and gritty vocals.

Now brace yourself for an unconventional auditory adventure, as this song pushes the boundaries of experimentalism, and challenges traditional normalities.

Dog Walk

Passenger Seat

Embracing lo-fi aesthetics, this innovative composition by Dog Walk melds vintage melodies and more modern elements, resulting in a sonic time capsule that defies time.

In an enchanting blend of simplicity and intricacy, this underground track showcases the beauty of lo-fi experimentation, leaving one captivated by its understated, and shimmering brilliance.

Now unravel the enigmatic layers of this lo-fi masterpiece, where echoes of electrified instruments and haunting whispers coalesce, crafting an otherworldly sonic tapestry of psychedelic brilliance.

The experimental collection ft. Nick Norton, Prince Enoki, Jonsjooel, Pranatricks, Carry Ripple

Nick Norton

Slow Night at the Arcade

Nick Norton is just like you and me, he’s made from materials forged in the gaseous cores of stars, he is star stuff, as Sagan once stated.

Norton was born in LA approximately 13.6 billion years after the universe came into being, and at least a few hundred thousand years after vertebrates developed a system to interpret vibrating air as sound, and he’s been concocting introspective music ever since. 

Now unravel the mysteries of the mind with “Slow Night at the Arcade” – an ethereal composition that seems to tap into the collective consciousness.

Its haunting, game-like melodies and buzzing synthesizers link listeners in a shared simulated dreamscape, blurring the lines between the self and the cosmos. The real and the synthetic. The self and the other.

Prepare to have your thoughts harmonized and your innate senses awakened to the synchronistic laws of the natural universe.

Prince Enoki

Love Is Everywhere (feat. Jocelyn Barth) [Remix]

Ascend to the astral plane with Prince Enoki’s latest single, “Love Is Everywhere” featuring the ethereal, Jocelyn Barth.

Enoki weaves an otherworldly tapestry, painting a vivid soundscape with a B3, tape echo, and the enchanting omnichord.

Now embark on a visionary odyssey through this transcendental track, where emotions transcend and melodies manifest the ethereal soundtrack to your innermost visions.

Delve into the enigmatic soundscape of Prince Enoki where reality bends and twists like a sonic Möbius strip.

This track defies the laws of physics, leaving listeners in a state of quantum wonderment. Brace yourself for a musical journey where time warps, and the boundaries of existence dissolve into a kaleidoscope of vibration.



Finnish artist and composer Jonsjooel released a heartfelt instrumental track titled “Grandmother,” dedicated to his late grandmother who played a pivotal role in both his musical and physical life.

Upon listening, I was swept away by the strangeness and beauty of “Grandmother”.

Now dive into the deep ocean of Jonsjooel with his latest track entitled “Grandmother.”

This intimate and mesmerizing track seems to imitate the enchanting synth waves and echoing choral whispers of the marine world. You’ll feel like you’re floating in an underwater cathedral of melodies as you delve into the underground reality of Jonsjooel.

Love knows no bounds, not even in the dark abyss of the ocean. with a quirky combination of drum machines, ethereal piano, and a grounding bass, be careful not to lose yourself in the noxious vibrations of this eccentric melody.



Prana, Sanskrit for life force, is binding and built upon breath.

We’re immersed in our being always. Tricks are for kids, they say, but life’s quirky playfulness is not always apparent on the surface level.

Perhaps there is a formula for living without worry, and existing without angst.

Perhaps there is a system for unearthing universal truth, and reflecting upon it; in an attempt to discover freedom within the supposed realm of our simulated existence.

Well, we can try at the very least.

Welcome to the world of Pranatricks’ inverted reality, where the sun sets in the east and shadows dance to the sound of silence.

“Cor-al” takes you on a bizarre waxing journey through a sonic eclipse, where light and dark harmonize in a celestial pas de deux.

This hauntingly surreal composition will challenge your perception of reality and leave you in awe of its unique, twilight allure.

Carry Ripple


Here is Carry Ripple’s second whimsical single leading into his highly anticipated self-titled album.

He’s releasing the project on Memphis’ tape label Public Interest Records.

From the very first lazy chord, you’re plunged into a sonic vortex of distortion and electrifying guitar riffs, accompanied by a thunderous rhythm section that pounds like a defiant heartbeat.

The lead vocalist’s gritty, gravelly voice adds an extra layer of edginess, injecting the song with a dose of unapologetic attitude and reckless abandon.

This one is a motherfucking slow burner my friends.

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Editor’s underground selection: Didjikey, half of a rainbow, The Velvoids, Gringo Star, The Prickly Pair, Dog Walk



This mind-bending track by Didjikey takes one on a celestial trip through a swirling nebulae of both space and sound.

The vocals echo from distant alien oceans while the psychedelic guitar riffs lead one deeper and deeper into the cosmic black of the abyss.

Now buckle up and prepare for an underground journey, my friend. This one just might open up a new doorway, and lead you into a reality you’ve only yet dreamt of.

half of a rainbow

morning on the edge of the world

half of a rainbow is the avant-garde project of German artist, Johannes Harder.

Now surrender to the cosmic embrace of this dreamy masterpiece by half of a rainbow.

With its hazy melodies and ethereal vocals, it’s like floating weightlessly in a moonlit sea on a starless night.

The track evokes a sense of nostalgia and manic contemplation. This is the perfect song for stargazing or getting lost in your own introspective thoughts on a moonless night.

The Velvoids

While You Shine

The Velvoids are an experimental project formed in Athens, Greece by Chicago native Victor Leslie Sortino Sotiropoulos aka Vice Lesley.

Now brace yourself for a kaleidoscopic experience as this track whisks you away to a land of surreal enchantment and vivid imagery.

Its psychedelic rhythms and shimmering harmonies create an ever-changing tapestry of sonic textures. In short, nostalgia meets the stars in this enchanting track of faded dreams and broken hearts.

Now drift into the memories of distant galaxies, wrapped in a warm blanket of abalone shell and soft, nostalgic vocal vibrations from the other side. It’s like having a waking dream on a faraway planet.

Gringo Star

Get To Know You

Lose yourself in the manic euphoria of Gringo Star and the swirling nebulae with this mesmerizing diamond in the rough.

The trance-like rhythms of “Get to Know You”, and hypnotic guitar hooks – will leave you floating in a state of blissful transcendence.

The haunting vocals and mystifying instrumentation evoke a spiritual séance in a parallel universe, where time and space intertwine like a serpent reaching for the stars.

Now dive into the mystical realm with this hauntingly beautiful track.

The Prickly Pair

Long Gone

Let the music of The Prickly Pair take you on a journey through a surreal dreamscape, guided by enigmatic lyrics and swirling acoustic guitar vibrations.

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a Salvador Dalí painting.

Now step aboard the cosmic carousel and spin through a mind-bending whirl of playful sonic textures.

The track’s whimsical melodies and cyclical effects make it a psychedelic playground for both your ears and mind.

Dog Walk

I’m Not Coming Back

Unleash your inner dog walker as this track by slack rocker Dog Walk, enchants your primordial senses.

With its interstellar off-kilter harmonies and dreamy electrified soundscapes, it’s like getting lost in a nebula’s warm embrace.

Now surrender to the lucid, hypnotic rhythms of this next track, by you guessed it, Dog Walk, an artist who seems to have become a regular as of late.

Just to Me

The track’s dreamy lyrics and swirling guitars will transport you to a parallel reality, where the boundaries of the mind are delightfully blurred.

Am I asleep? Am I awake? Am I dreaming? Does it really matter?

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