Bedroom Bedlam Ft. Little Oil and Melting Resonance x Hannah Wyatt

Little Oil

Little Oil is the sonic manifestation of a San Francisco Bay Area artist who finally fulfilled his creative urge to be the totalitarian dictator of his musical cosmos. A true lover of punk, classic rock, indie, & real old time country & blues music, his music is a voodoo brew that sounds both familiar yet fresh and utterly authentic.

“San Jose” is an avant-garde post-punk jam in low fidelity that was born out of the annoyance of being told to be patient in a world that seems to be slowly melting away. The track is an underground diamond glimmering with the ghostly nostalgia of the golden age. It’s a call to a deeper place filled with romance and broken dreams.

Melting Resonance x Hannah Wyatt

“I’d Go Anywhere” by Melting Resonance x Hannah Wyatt is a catatonic fusion of indie, jazz, r&b, and folk, and in low fidelity of course. Now, take a listen and feel the charm from another world.

The twisted, laidback slow burner is a faded memory of a lovely other melting away. Sometimes, amidst the chaos and madness of the world, one just wants to escape, and meld into the ether. And what was once a hazy memory, eventually dissipates into a state of nothingness. And one must wonder if it ever really happened at all. This is true love.

Psychedelic Gems From The Underground Ft. Acid Smoker and Brandon Michael

Acid Smoker

Portland, Maine-based musician — Brian Hanson — formed Acid Smoker around the year 2013, and has since been on a nomadic quest across the country — residing in Austin, Olympia, and Portland, Oregon along the way.

His latest track “Freakout” is a frenetic frenzy filled with the iconoclastic images of a spiritual wanderer — traversing the plains of a rugged landscape. It’s beautiful to say the least.

The sound lies somewhere between a freak folk melody and the darker, underbelly of psychedelia. We hope to hear more from Acid Smoker, very soon.

Brandon Michael

Brandon Michael is an eclectic Toronto based multi-instrumental songwriter, and producer. Michael combines bedroom music and indie elements from the underground with sincere, emotional driven vocals and lyrics.

The radiating soundscape of “We’re Not Young” reminds us of an iridescent acid trip from a simpler time. A time filled with love, nostalgia, and a sense of beauty. But a time, that’s swiftly fleeting, and melting away like a snowman on a sunny day in late March. A sad beauty of sorts.

In closing, although the track is a dark mood, reflecting on thoughts and feelings surrounding the aging process, we can’t help but notice the light and beauty emanating from the soundscape. It’s a gem.

All tracks and instruments were performed, recorded, and produced by Brandon Michael.

Alone in Deer Park (Один в оленьем парке)

Alone in Deer Park (Один в оленьем парке) is an experimental project by Artem from Cosmic Letdown, an avant-garde artist out of Cheboksary, Russia.

The track we have for you today (I’m not at home — Я не дома) is a psychedelic free fall through the fractal wasteland of the weary mind. A poignant peak into the world of the benign nature of freak folk music. In short, it’s a festive treat for the autumn season, filled with synths, a filthy drum machine, and crunchy vocals. Here, take a listen for yourself.

The track was released on Opium Eyes Records — a boutique Russian label. And the project is named Alone in Deer Park after the eponymous song by Christian Bland & The Revelators.

Keep up with the project on Bandcamp.

electronic bedroom ft. dope lemon, damien sebe, and zack gross

Australia’s very own Dope Lemon’s latest electric single, “Stingray Pete” can be described as a Clint Eastwood shootout, shaping the upcoming album’s narrative into something truly unique.

Soaked in desert sun — fractured electronics pair with a haunting banjo that melt into the night air, in your favorite western noir that is…

A pure slow burn, Stone’s aura only adds to the feeling there’s more to the story than is being revealed.

Damien Sebe is a producer and performing artist out of South Africa. 

“Sometimes I feel lonely not having that many people to go hang out with or talk to but then sometimes I feel at my most peace alone. A somewhat sombre but mellow sound is what I was going for…” – Damien Sebe

With a bit of a depression, yet a mellow vibration to it, “cloudy, with a chance of loneliness” is a track inspired by the lonely moments we all endure. It has a very chill vibe with a bit of dullness to it…

Zack Gross’ IDRK is an eccentric ode to the unknown, and a subtle reminder to dance through doubt and uncertainty with a smile.

The track is a psychedelic bedroom freak folk festival, with elements of electronic indie. A true journey to the center of the mind.

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Lo-Fi Review Ft. Ryan Wall, Abrasive Trees, Christo Mondavi

Ryan Wall is a multi-instrumentalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area with a sound that blends garage psychedelia with hints of down-home Americana music.

Ryan loved the song “Clay Pigeons” for a long time and had been adapting his own version for the past few months. The end product is an absolute gem in our humble opinion, and a must listen for any fan of Blaze Foley or folk music.

Since his last release, Wall wanted to explore yet another creative side with a more stripped back and folkish sound while still adding in his own unique flavor to a country classic. And we think he nailed it.

The track was fully recorded in an apartment bedroom studio in glorious low fidelity.

Abrasive Trees is the creative project of Matthew Rochford.

The approach is experimental and immersive and the sound could be described as spectral, layered yet brooding, with intricate, drone-drenched guitars. 

The energy owes as much to post-punk ideology as it does to ambient psychedelia and folk music. Strings, dulcimers, guitars that sound like old synths, voices in the distance and stories that take you on a long and faraway journey… Yeah, you get the picture. It’s a show for freaks.

Esoteric bass lines, analogue drum machines and acoustic drums recorded in a Victorian house. Ashram Song is a drone-drenched, psychedelic instrumental with an eastern vibration.

The track features members of Diamond Family Archive and Fields of The Nephilim alongside multi-instrumentalist, Jo Beth Young.

Christo Mondavi is a freewheeling and hard partying rock and roller with pure intentions and a heart of gold.

This track is a bit of a tongue and cheek ode to some of Christo’s idiosyncrasies. 

Poking fun at, while simultaneously celebrating his hard partying ways and admitting once and for all that he’s not nearly as clever as he is charming. This is for the schmoozers, the boozers, and the fucking losers. For anyone who has ever been down and out, but willing to get back up again, this one is for you.

Now good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite.