Lo-Fi Review Ft. Ryan Wall, Abrasive Trees, Christo Mondavi

Ryan Wall is a multi-instrumentalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area with a sound that blends garage psychedelia with hints of down-home Americana music.

Ryan loved the song “Clay Pigeons” for a long time and had been adapting his own version for the past few months. The end product is an absolute gem in our humble opinion, and a must listen for any fan of Blaze Foley or folk music.

Since his last release, Wall wanted to explore yet another creative side with a more stripped back and folkish sound while still adding in his own unique flavor to a country classic. And we think he nailed it.

The track was fully recorded in an apartment bedroom studio in glorious low fidelity.

Abrasive Trees is the creative project of Matthew Rochford.

The approach is experimental and immersive and the sound could be described as spectral, layered yet brooding, with intricate, drone-drenched guitars. 

The energy owes as much to post-punk ideology as it does to ambient psychedelia and folk music. Strings, dulcimers, guitars that sound like old synths, voices in the distance and stories that take you on a long and faraway journey… Yeah, you get the picture. It’s a show for freaks.

Esoteric bass lines, analogue drum machines and acoustic drums recorded in a Victorian house. Ashram Song is a drone-drenched, psychedelic instrumental with an eastern vibration.

The track features members of Diamond Family Archive and Fields of The Nephilim alongside multi-instrumentalist, Jo Beth Young.

Christo Mondavi is a freewheeling and hard partying rock and roller with pure intentions and a heart of gold.

This track is a bit of a tongue and cheek ode to some of Christo’s idiosyncrasies. 

Poking fun at, while simultaneously celebrating his hard partying ways and admitting once and for all that he’s not nearly as clever as he is charming. This is for the schmoozers, the boozers, and the fucking losers. For anyone who has ever been down and out, but willing to get back up again, this one is for you.

Now good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite.

Premiere: Swim Ignorant Fire

Opens the sun: Who music wear burst icy known swim ignorant fire.

Swim Ignorant Fire is an experimental project out of Chicago, Illinois. A cryptic collective garnering the attention of the fringe, and all those who will lend an ear.

This trans-genre project veers from a warm sanctuary of ambient light to a dense fog of stifling darkness. A happy medium of sorts.

We couldn’t help but notice that the track is beyond hypnotic, maybe a bit sad at times, but always saturated with an underlying hope. A faint glow that refuses to be snuffed out.

Loops of African Juju witchcraft dance, rhythmic chants from India, and exotic percussion come together in perfect harmony with one another, and become Bufo Alvarious (named after the psychedelic properties of the Sonoran desert toad).

Keep up with the project on bandcamp.

0039: Dean Rivers – Anhedonia (2021)

Definition of an·​he·​do·​niaA psychological condition characterized by inability to experience pleasure in normally pleasurable acts.

It was six years ago as I sat in the darkness of the Texas hill country. Santa Rosa Records was merely a fantastic dream in my head. I knew not how or when, but felt that it had to be done. So I opened my heart, and here we are six years later with yet another beautiful release sitting upon the table.

On this day, July 28th, in the year 2021, Dean Rivers released his debut EP Anhedonia on the independent label, Santa Rosa Records.

The prodigious project is a throwback to those now dead and gone, yet intertwines a new and fresh sonic vibration. A vibration dripping with elements of psychedelia, rock and roll, and avant-garde experimentalism.

The five track EP is a nostalgic slow dance through the bizarre fabric of our universe.

No matter how hard the journey becomes, or how far the path takes you, just remember that there is and always will be beauty in this world. And artists like Dean are living proof of this overarching universal truth. Now, strap in, and prepare yourself for a trip of lifetime. There will be turbulence ahead.

Anhedonia is now available everywhere music is distributed. Stream it today on YouTube or iTunes. And be sure to give Dean a follow on Spotify.

“I wasted all my life, just to sit in front of you.” – Streams of Consciousness, Dean Rivers

Folk Revival Ft. Jeremy Summer, Soul Zimon & His Kozmic Combinations

Sunday at the Cottage by Jeremy Summer is quintessential old time folk music. A faded minimalistic vision set upon a metaphysical plane complete with old overalls and a strawberry rhubarb pie cooling on a windowsill.

The sound is a stripped down jamboree complimented with a ripping and roaring banjo, an erratic spoon percussion section, and a gritty voice that pierces through the vail and seems to penetrate the inner cavities of the mind.

Jeremy Summer is based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Keep up with him on Bandcamp.

A folk ditty, however hard or little it tries, will always be a sentimental reflection to the romantic. Never forget the bathetic tunes of the underground. For this is folk, and folk will never die.

From the mystical forests of the north, with roots in folk, blues, and rock, Wheel of Fortune by Soul Zimon & His Kozmic Combinations is the latest track from the Americana project.

The track is influenced by an atmospheric acoustic sound, complete with a raw voice and melodic guitar, straight from the dirty swampland.

The sound encapsulates that old western wasteland feeling, perhaps because it was recorded in a small cabin using simple instruments and recording gear.

I cannot help but stop and listen to a hauntingly nostalgic tune. Never forget the unforgettable and persistent tunes of days now dead and gone. For this is folk, and folk will never die.

Zoning Out with Chicago Hartley, Joshua Jones, and VAAAL

Chicago Hartley

Chicago Hartley is a psychedelic project in pure low fidelity by the innovative Swedish music producer, Jimmy Ledrac.

“Zoning Out”, a track by Chicago Hartley, will bring a tear to the eye if you let it. Indeed, it pulls on the heartstrings and brings one to a somber state of meditative solitude.

The wailing organ and eclectic soundscape brings an ornate and colorful element to the psychedelic hammond laden tune. It’s a true treat for the connoisseur of sound vibration.

Joshua Jones

The UK native Joshua Jones delivers his latest track, “Just Like You.” A rare rugged gem from the wasteland of psychedelia.

Growing up in various regions of the UK from the vast coasts of South West Cornwall to the small islands of Herm and Guernsey located in the English Channel off the coasts of Normandy. Jones found a pastime in writing and recording music early on.

By the close of his teenage years, Joshua planted roots within the bustling city of London, working in a West London music studio. There he spent countless nights honing his craft.

Joshua currently resides in Stockholm where he continues to write and work on his music. In short, Jones delivers raw emotion that has left us all wanting more.

Spotify Bonus Track Ft. David Per Martensson & VAAAL

VAAAL is part artist, mad scientist, producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and synthesist.

His self-titled debut album is a deep dive into his dark and twisted fantasy world, full of handmade instruments, experimental sound choices, and cinematic, epic valleys and peaks.

Bowed string instruments, analog synthesizers and the granular essence of love bathed in real spring reverb makes this piece a meditative experience of reflection and true gratitude.

From the deepest ambient drones and textural soundscapes to high-intensity percussive explosions and bombastic orchestras, this album is a trip through the multiverse and beyond.