10 Ways to Increase Your Spotify Streams and Gain Listeners

BE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Post regularly on Instagram, TikTok, X (fka Twitter), and Facebook. Also, relate to your fanbase in an authentic and personal way.

SPOTIFY CODE STICKERS: Make some interesting personalized stickers with your Spotify code and social media handle. Apply stickers around town.

CREATE A SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: Compile a Spotify playlist that includes your essential music. And then promote this playlist on your social media platforms.

CREATE MUSIC VIDEOS FOR YOUTUBE: Make a music video for each and every track in your catalog, and then upload it to YouTube. Then, promote your music video on social media.

LINK TO SPOTIFY: Remember to link everything to your Spotify profile. Linktree is an effective tool to utilize in streamlining the cross-linking process.

PROMOTE YOUTUBE VIDEOS: Spend a little money promoting your music videos on YouTube, and remember to always embed a link in your video’s description that directs listeners to your Spotify catalog.

RELEASE NEW MUSIC CONSISTENTLY: Whether you drop a new track every month, a fresh album every quarter, or both, just be sure to always be releasing quality music on a consistent basis. Momentum is of the essence and the key to your longterm success.

COLLABORATE WITH FELLOW ARTISTS: Cross-pollinate with other artists’s fanbases by featuring other artists on your tracks, and co-releasing projects together.

PLAY LIVE SHOWS — SELL MERCH: Tour on a regular basis, and push merchandise at your show. The most popular band merchandise includes shirts, hoodies, socks, hats, vinyl albums, and cassette tapes.

PITCH YOUR MUSIC TO SPOTIFY PLAYLISTERS: Email and DM your music to Spotify playlist curators. You never know who might be intrigued by your music. Just try not to come off as a spam artist. Better yet, interact with playlisters on social media, and attempt to befriend them before you make your pitch.

Follow our Spotify playlist, and pitch your music.

BONUS TIP: Never give up, remember to rest along the way, and enjoy the journey! It’s a long process, and a long hard grind if you want to rock and roll! You must be patient, try to get out of your own way, and just let your art unfold in a natural, and organic way. Only the quitters fail to succeed.

Harmonica Lewinski, Bardo Stars, Dead Bandit, Ponta Preta, Trex Jacuzzi

Harmonica Lewinski
New York-based rock n’ roll outfit Harmonica Lewinski takes listeners on a vintage sonic journey with “New Magic”. The ethereal vocals, layered over intricate instrumentation, create a dreamlike atmosphere in low fidelity. The song’s experimental nature, combined with its psychedelic undertones, offers a unique and immersive experience that transcends traditional indie boundaries, and borders upon a haunted landscape that defies convention.

Bardo Stars
Bardo Stars is an artistic collective founded by NJS aka Nico Bardö in Los Angeles, but now is based out of Paris. Bardo invites listeners into a sonic labyrinth with his gritty “Glorya”. The drone of the guitar, hypnotic beat, and off kilter vocals intertwine seamlessly, creating an otherworldly soundscape of a human who has had enough of it all. The experimental elements are palpable, and the psychedelic vibrations resonate, making it a standout in the indie scene that seems to be filled with mocking birds.

Dead Bandit
Dead Bandit is made up of Ellis Swan and James Schimpl. A duo who fuse western mysticism and modernity in their otherworldly compositions. The eclectic electronic instrumentation, ranging from guitars to electronic beats, crafts a kaleidoscopic sonic tapestry of mind altering episodes. This experimental indie gem is a mesmerizing journey, filled with unexpected twists and turns, making it a must-listen for fans of the avant-garde, post-rock genre.

Ponta Preta
Wobbling between vintage pop and surf rock, Ponta Preta are radical representatives of the surf revival underground culture. In short, they’re a sonic daydream with a touch of the surreal. The delicate vocals and intricate guitar work create an atmosphere of introspection. The experimental nuances, coupled with psychedelic vibrations of a southern California beach, result in a sound that transcends conventional boundaries, leaving the listener in a state of blissful, meditative contemplation.

Trex Jacuzzi
Trex Jacuzzi is an artist out of Xalapa, Mexico, a town nestled in the misty forest, where the culture is almost always cloudy. The track’s experimental nature, filled with unexpected shifts and sonic layers, mirrors the unpredictable beauty of a cloudy canopy. The psychedelic vibrations are intoxicating, creating a cosmic journey that resonates with those seeking a mind-expanding experience. A voyage that transcends the boundaries of conventional sound. With its psychedelic vibrations, the track is a sonic exploration that pushes the limits of the genre.