0035: Daniel Ruiz – Saturn’s Rings Got Replaced by an Ad (2019)

Today, on September 10th, 2019, Daniel Ruiz released Saturn’s Rings Got Replaced by an Ad on the independent music label, Santa Rosa Records.

The album is a cryptic slow dance through the psychedelic seas of broken hearts and unsung lullabies. It’s an evolution of sound that very well could be approaching the sonic apex.

Now sit back, burn one down, and soak in the heavy vibrations from the poet of despair, Daniel Ruiz. You’ll be sad if you don’t.

The EP will soon be available on cassette, and vinyl in the near future. Please stay tuned my friends. And don’t forget to give Ruiz a follow on Spotify.

0034: Henry Raker – Holy Shapes (2019)

On August 30th, 2019, Henry Raker released ‘Holy Shapes’ on the independent label, Santa Rosa Records.

The album is a conscious stream of semi-freeform alternative jazz packaged in a flowing five part suite that seems to bleed the artistic brilliance of a young, and emerging experimental artist.

The lyrics seemingly capture those sort of spiritual and unexplainable experiences we all seem to share, yet tend to forget. So, when you’re having your next existential meltdown, simply set aside your anxiety and turn on some Henry Raker.

‘Holy Shapes’ is now streaming on all major platforms, and vinyl records and cassettes are also on the horizon. Be sure to keep up with Raker on Instagram. And give him a follow on Spotify!

Reddit Roundup Vol. I | Ft. White Elephant, Drixxie, John Vinyard, Joshua Seigel, Max Culp, Adrien Prath, Nehemiah, Corolla, House of I, and The Wivez [Bonus Playlist]

White Elephant – Rosie (2019)

Drixxie – I’m Not a Gardender (2019)

John Vinyard – The Structure Is Good For Me (2019)

Joshua Seigel – Florentine Candy (2019)

Max Culp – Green Ape (2019)

Adrian Prath – 2nd Floor (2019)

Nehemiah – American Dreams (2019)

Corolla – In Between People (2019)

House of I – Machines (2019)

The Wivez – Let’s Get Serious (2019)

Bonus YouTube Playlist

0033: Henry Raker – If You Think (2019)

Friday, July 19th, Henry Raker released the wistful single “If You Think” on the independent label — Santa Rosa Records.

The enigmatic track emits a certain emotion of cool jazz, imminent loneliness, and is infused with an experimental brilliance that would make even the great John Coltrane blush. It’s quite simply sublime.

Henry wrote and produced the track, Brendan Wright mixed and mastered it,  Paul Goldfinger played bass on it, and Mike Milano held down the drums.

A new album is on the horizon — so please stay tuned my friends. More is soon to come.

Jesús Bacalão’s Light Entertainment Programme: Xianedelica 1966-1978

On Tonight’s Programme

Twas 66 & among the heads of the Haight, Spores of Disillusionment were germinating- inhaled twixt tokes of Acapulco G. Nam cocktailed with the Lysergic Prohibition were proving a potent downer

The bud of 66 bloomed a 67 & the Spores were palpable to a growing bouquet of Flower Chillen. The Dream was all but over when Time ran a story on hippies in Jan 67. No head had HEARD of a hippie & next thing ya know, they were coming to look at us like we was in a glass bowl, said Mickey Hart. Literally- 67 saw the maiden voyage of Gray Line’s Hippie Tour, billed as A SAFARI THRU PSYCHEDELIA

Press drew youth like moth to flame. FORGET FLOWERS IN YA HAIR The Oracle headline read- pilgrims bring sleeping bags & scratch instead

Like THAT, Utopia became a cesspit of B&E; VD; bum trips on STP. The Spores’ prime symptom, spiritual void, was taking hold- exacerbated by culdesac forays into krishna, zen & the occult

& in this darkness… The Living Room

Est. by ex-beats who found salvation on LSD, TLR was a coffeehouse that offered beds for bible readings. 1000s of youth dropped by in 67, listening to the word of these counterculture evangelists. Their Jesus was presented as a revolutionary outlaw and their strain of worship stressed direct contact with Jesus via drug metaphors aplenty. This was a mainliner to the soul of the disenchanted doper- soon TLR was Saving over 20 a week- Jesus Freaks were here

coffeehousi/ street ministries swiftly dotted the Coast. TLR convert, Lonnie Frisbee, held services at SoCal’s Calvary Chapel, now THE hippie church, it’s membership growin from 200 to 2000 in 3 months. Among the converts were musicians, many of which had played in bands in SF, who were now writing music for praise/worship, sonically rooted in the Frisco Sound. Performances by these freshly minted Christian Psych (dubbed Xian Psych by 90s collectors) bands were incorporated into services and went down a storm. Soon they were in the studio recording privately pressed LPs funded by the church/ by the bands themselves. In time, the lyrical subject matter had evolved, waxin not only on the XTC of Jesus, but also pre-conversion experiences with drugs/promiscuity & the alternative that was the Jesus Trip

As headlines blurred from RFK to MLK to Altamont, The Jesus People spread, with Calvary affiliates founding 20 communes across Cali before departing en masse, sending teams across the US & Canada. Other factions of Jesus People toured the US (& by the end of ’70, Europe) too, sharing the gospel/ the farout sounds of Xian Psych. New communes were founded as were new bands who lay down their own private press LPs, flying the Frisco Sound’s freakflag

As Nam’s curtain closed, counterculture was absorbed by pop culture and so too, most of the Jesus Freaks folded into m’stream Christianity. The once radical music of the movement was dropped in favour of an MOR sound, later the lucrative Christian Contemporary Music industry. Though some bands from the salad days of xian music became stalwarts of that scene, most disappeared but some, like NYC based commune/collective, The Trees Community, spent the rest of the decade travelling the US, sharing their otherworldly sound in a converted school bus housing 
10 people
2 cats+dog
80 instruments. Now if THAT aint The Dream…

The cornucopia of Xianedelic delights on Tonight’s Programme were recorded largely by American Jesus Freaks, with a few sounds by their EU/CA counterparts. 92% of the records were privately pressed (with the remainder released by church funded indie labels), usually produced in numbers of 50-200, allowing the bands full creative freedom, which as you’ll hear, was used to the fullest

Now, Praise The Lord, Take a Trip & Take it Sleazy