Alisa Isela

Halo Noose

Halo Noose is a psychedelic post-rock band out of Kent, England. “Journey to The Sun” shows off Halo Noose’s unique brand of psych rock coupled with progressive guitar work and rather trippy vocals.


Crocodylus’ single “My Love” is a strong summer track bursting with soul. The fast-paced, energized vocals of Stephen Sacco and Josh Williams paired with the electrifying beats of drummer Mikel Salvador perfectly capture the essence of garage surf rock.

Luna Honey

Ambient rock often finds itself lacking in emotional diversity, leaving many to believe that the genre is nothing more than a dumping ground for sad stories but Luna Honey delivers an album wrought with emotion, anger, disappointment, and self-loathing.

Magic Moon

The track is truly an embodiment of desire as its steady tempo drifts into surges of intensity marked by Timo van de Ven’s impressive organ work and Walter Pols’ seductive vocals.

Henry Raker

Raker’s vocal sound, which is reminiscent of Radiohead’s Thomas Yorke, is both alluring and haunting as it steers the track’s simple lyrics towards a deeper meaning.