The Fringe Ft. Martian Subculture and Rob James

Martian Subculture – Martian Improv Ruleset

In “Martian Improv Ruleset”, Martian Subculture masterfully navigates the labyrinth of experimental sound. The track is a sonic kaleidoscope, a collision of dissonance and peaceful harmony that takes you on an exhilarating, mind-bending journey through uncharted soundscapes of utter bliss.

It’s an auditory enigma that challenges conventions and invites listeners to embrace the exhilarating chaos of musical exploration.

Rob James – Haloclines

“Haloclines” by Rob James is a sonic odyssey that defies categorization. This experimental track transcends the boundaries of music as we know it, conjuring a mesmerizing soundscape that feels like a voyage through the subatomic realm.

With its intricate fusion of electronic glitches, ethereal melodies, and transcendent rhythms, it’s an immersive sonic experience that beckons you to explore the uncharted frontiers of musical creativity.

The Muse Ft. Joe Dworniak, Frank Schultz, The Bahama Soul Club, Alexander Grawoig, and Penguin Cafe

Joe Dworniak

Joe Dworniak is a British Producer, Composer, Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist based out of Cornwall. 

With his intricate orchestration and vibrant composition, Dworniak captivates the listener from the first note. The interplay between the piano and strings evokes a sense of introspection, inviting the listener on a mesmerizing journey by weaving a tapestry of emotions through his minimalistic arrangements.

The introspective nature of the compositions reflect the contemplative aspects of the human experience.

This evocative neo-classical sound merges timeless melodies with modern influences. The delicate piano motifs, backed by subtle electronic elements, conjure up a captivating sonic landscape that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

This is Dworniak’s debut solo album of instrumental music, a project that is marked by his mixing of classical and electronic elements.

Dworniak strives to create visual spaces with sound as he draws on his extensive production experience and his early influences with Soul, Funk, Reggae, Jazz and Eastern European melodies.

Frank Schultz

Frank Schultz is an American artist residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

This enchanting, off-kilter, neo-classical track transports the listener to a faraway land of tranquility and cryptic lore.

Its delicate melodies, intertwined with ethereal strings, and hypnotic percussive sounds, create a reflective ambiance that lingers long after the song ends.

“Who am I? Why am I here? Where is here? What is time? What is space? What is anything?”

These are the existential thoughts that float around the brain as one listens to the tranquil sonic vibrations of Frank Schultz. A true treat for those inclined to allow the mind to wonder.

The Bahama Soul Club

The Bahama Soul Club immerses the listener into a dreamlike state filled with sunshine, salty waves, a cool breeze, and rum and cokes at the local beach bar.

The combination of ethereal horns, gentle strums, and weird atmospheric textures generates an otherworldly aura, taking the listener on a transcendent journey through space and time.

“One of the most beautiful surf spots in the southwestern Algarve is the beloved beach of Zavial. Not far from the recording studio of the Bahama Soul Club. Giant waves are given and the breathtaking pictures of the tough wave riders are never out of your mind. ‘Surfing Zavial’ is the soundtrack to one of these dynamic surf sessions and musically illustrates the magical co-play of surfers, waves, boards and sunshine. A driving Bossa with a daredevil surfing alto sax. A charged field of pure energy and chilled company. Close your eyes and you have the full scenery in a flash. The song is dedicated to a lax collective of cool surfer dudes at the beaches of the Algarve and the funny people around.”

Alexander Grawoig

Alexander Grawoig strives to create authentic sonic vibrations that reflect the extreme dualities of life.

The project is a binaural meditation on the beauty of the finite nature of life; the waxing and waning of a perfect and never ending cycle.

“The harmonies and melodies are made to evoke a state of being in the moment, feeling with awareness.”

This ethereal neo-classical piece enchants with its celestial atmosphere. The delicate interplay between celestial vibrations, gentle piano, and a distant drone creates a mesmerizing soundscape that evokes a sense of cosmic wonder and mystery.

Penguin Cafe

“In Re Budd” is a joyful ode to the passage of time and is dedicated to the godfather of ambience, Harold Budd, with its deceptively tricky syncopation and Afro Cuban undertones.

The cascading piano arpeggios, interlaced with eclectic instrumentation, evoke a sense of nostalgia and reflection, as if each note carries a cherished memory of a time now dead and gone.

Penguin Cafe’s new LP will be out on 7/7 on Erased Tapes. Stay tuned my friends.

the freak show ft. Dog Walk, Scott Fisher, Ruby Moon, Planet Ibiza, The Kerosene Hours, Sounds in the Basement, and MOONRiiVR

Dog Walk

Independent garage rocker, Dog Walk, brings to us another gritty slow burner dripping with ethereal underground vibrations of yet another hazy night.

This ethereal track gracefully weaves delicate melodies and soft vocals, enveloping listeners in a dreamlike haze.

It’s a soothing journey through a misty landscape, where every note feels like a gentle whisper.

Get lost in the psychedelic wailing of the smoke and embrace the process. It’ll all be over before you know it.

Scott Fisher

Scott Fisher dishes up a generous helping of lo-fi vibrations wrapped in a heartfelt aroma of progressive psychedelia.

Fisher’s track takes you on a nocturnal escapade under a starlit sky.

Its tranquil rhythms and enchanting harmonies create a surreal atmosphere, as if you’re floating through a dreamy world of your own making.

Ruby Moon

This mesmerizing bedroom track by Ruby Moon immerses you in a realm of gentle lo-fi echoes and mystical melodies.

Its dreamy ambiance evokes a sense of nostalgia and longing, like faded whispers from a distant memory.

Planet Ibiza

Planet Ibiza’s whimsical tune invites you to float weightlessly among the translucent clouds.

Its airy instrumentation and dreamy harmonies create a euphoric sensation, leaving you in a blissful trance of harmonic transcendence.

The sun-kissed melodies radiates warmth and tranquility.

And its dreamy riffs and inquisitive vocals paint a vivid picture of a lazy afternoon spent basking in the glow of the sun, creating a near perfect soundtrack for the beach or beside the pool.

The Kerosene Hours

Prepare to be transported to a celestial realm with this enchanting track of cinematic quality from The Kerosene Hours.

Its shimmering synths and atmospheric fx evoke a sense of wonder and awe, as if you’re strolling through a universe filled with stardust and moonbeams.

This hauntingly beautiful piece captures the magical allure of the night.

Its delicate notes create an atmosphere of mystery and introspection, as if you’re exploring the depths of your own mind.

Sounds In The Basement

Immerse yourself in the gentle caress of a soothing breeze with this serene composition of minimalism from Sounds in the Basement.

The track’s soft acoustic guitars and gentle percussion create a sense of serenity and harmony, transporting you to a tranquil natural setting somewhere beachside.

This enchanting vibration weaves a tapestry of dreamy melodies and ethereal fx, like a lullaby from a fantastical realm.

It’s a musical daydream that takes you on a whimsical journey, leaving you feeling inspired and at ease.


“Blonde Hair Now” by MOONRiiVR is a sweet little ballad that reminds us of the beauty found in the simplest moments shared alone.

It’s a musical embodiment of the tender moments that make our hearts flutter.

“Running the gamut from personal reflections on finding pleasure in the minutiae of everyday life on “Blonde Hair Now” to meditations on some of the more disturbing and inescapable developments in world politics over the last few years.”

This track of plastic romance invites one to relish in the warmth of nostalgia, and to reminisce about your own fading memories.

Vol. I | Bang Bang Jet Away, Mads Steffànsson, Juno Roome, Zack Keim

“Always Gonna Be Together” by Bang Bang Jet Away: This dreamy track takes you on a hypnotic journey with its relaxed rhythm and hazy guitar riffs. The vocals add to the dreamlike quality of the song, making it a perfect choice for a lazy summer evening.

“Wherever I was, whatever I was engaged in, I was always leading multiple lives. I put down my book and called Kamoo to ask if he’d like to make a record with me. He said that he thought it sounded like a good idea. The project is called Bang Bang Jet Away, a small tribute to the best band in San Diego’s history, The Stereotypes.”

Bang Bang Jet Away

“Tarpaulin Man (Floating On the Motorway)” by Mads Steffànsson: This psychedelic track of grit and spirit blends spoken word with a gentle yet hypnotizing guitar riff and a driving attitude of untethered heart. The result is a trippy yet relaxed tune that will transport you to yet another dimension.

Mads Steffànsson conjures up unique tracks inspired by lo-fi culture and the unground world of bedroom psychedelia. He often channels the mundane as a source of inspiration for his primitive soundscapes and cryptic symbolism of the avant-garde.

Mads Steffànsson

“the way you looked” by juno roome: This track features ethereal vocals, shimmering guitar riffs, and a pulsating beat that will transport you to a dreamy, otherworldly realm of complete and total bliss. It’s perfect for relaxing after a long day or unwinding on a lazy weekend.

juno roome is currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. If you’re in the area, he’d love to see you at a show. 

juno roome

“Better Days” by Zack Keim: This glistening track features well worn vocals, gritty guitar riffs, and a driving beat that will take you on a psychedelic journey through space and time. It’s perfect for zoning out and getting lost in afterthought. The overall vibration is both trippy and relaxing, and transports one back to a time that is now dead and gone. But never lost.

The song ‘Better Days’ to me represents a reflection of hopeful youth but also the daily struggles of life. When we wrote the song together we reflected on what has happened over the last few years, and how we all had our ups and downs. Yet, we remain hopeful that better times and better days lay ahead.”

Zack Keim

the avant-garde ft. in fades, s. vestergaard, indigo waves, jay gudda, mimi pretend

in fades

The dreamy indie sound of the project In Fades captures the waxing essence of a lazy Sunday afternoon with its hazy guitars, drum machine, and ethereal vocals.

The lo-fi production adds a nostalgic touch to the already intimate and comforting feel of the sound.

s. vestergaard

With its mellow beat and laid-back meandering melody, “The Slow Escape” is the perfect track to unwind to after a long day, and forget all about your worries and troubles.

The raw, lo-fi quality of the recording gives the song an intimate, DIY bedroom vibe that adds to its eclectic charm.

indigo waves

This lo-fi gem is a peaceful and introspective track that evokes images of blooming flowers and the changing of seasons.

The vocals are sublime as well.

And yes, the gentle guitar and airy synths also create a soothing atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxation, heading into the summer season.

jay gudda

This lo-fi hip-hop track has a laid-back, atmospheric vibe that’s perfect for late nights and long drives.

Jay Gudda’s low-key, yet in your face vocals and hypnotic beats make this cover track overdub a must-listen for fans of vintage and hip-hop music alike.

mimi pretend

Mimi’s dark lo-fi track showcases her unique vocal style and evocative lyrics.

The song’s minimalist production and haunting melody make it a standout in the indie scene.