The experimental collection ft. Nick Norton, Prince Enoki, Jonsjooel, Pranatricks, Carry Ripple

Nick Norton

Slow Night at the Arcade

Nick Norton is just like you and me, he’s made from materials forged in the gaseous cores of stars, he is star stuff, as Sagan once stated.

Norton was born in LA approximately 13.6 billion years after the universe came into being, and at least a few hundred thousand years after vertebrates developed a system to interpret vibrating air as sound, and he’s been concocting introspective music ever since. 

Now unravel the mysteries of the mind with “Slow Night at the Arcade” – an ethereal composition that seems to tap into the collective consciousness.

Its haunting, game-like melodies and buzzing synthesizers link listeners in a shared simulated dreamscape, blurring the lines between the self and the cosmos. The real and the synthetic. The self and the other.

Prepare to have your thoughts harmonized and your innate senses awakened to the synchronistic laws of the natural universe.

Prince Enoki

Love Is Everywhere (feat. Jocelyn Barth) [Remix]

Ascend to the astral plane with Prince Enoki’s latest single, “Love Is Everywhere” featuring the ethereal, Jocelyn Barth.

Enoki weaves an otherworldly tapestry, painting a vivid soundscape with a B3, tape echo, and the enchanting omnichord.

Now embark on a visionary odyssey through this transcendental track, where emotions transcend and melodies manifest the ethereal soundtrack to your innermost visions.

Delve into the enigmatic soundscape of Prince Enoki where reality bends and twists like a sonic Möbius strip.

This track defies the laws of physics, leaving listeners in a state of quantum wonderment. Brace yourself for a musical journey where time warps, and the boundaries of existence dissolve into a kaleidoscope of vibration.



Finnish artist and composer Jonsjooel released a heartfelt instrumental track titled “Grandmother,” dedicated to his late grandmother who played a pivotal role in both his musical and physical life.

Upon listening, I was swept away by the strangeness and beauty of “Grandmother”.

Now dive into the deep ocean of Jonsjooel with his latest track entitled “Grandmother.”

This intimate and mesmerizing track seems to imitate the enchanting synth waves and echoing choral whispers of the marine world. You’ll feel like you’re floating in an underwater cathedral of melodies as you delve into the underground reality of Jonsjooel.

Love knows no bounds, not even in the dark abyss of the ocean. with a quirky combination of drum machines, ethereal piano, and a grounding bass, be careful not to lose yourself in the noxious vibrations of this eccentric melody.



Prana, Sanskrit for life force, is binding and built upon breath.

We’re immersed in our being always. Tricks are for kids, they say, but life’s quirky playfulness is not always apparent on the surface level.

Perhaps there is a formula for living without worry, and existing without angst.

Perhaps there is a system for unearthing universal truth, and reflecting upon it; in an attempt to discover freedom within the supposed realm of our simulated existence.

Well, we can try at the very least.

Welcome to the world of Pranatricks’ inverted reality, where the sun sets in the east and shadows dance to the sound of silence.

“Cor-al” takes you on a bizarre waxing journey through a sonic eclipse, where light and dark harmonize in a celestial pas de deux.

This hauntingly surreal composition will challenge your perception of reality and leave you in awe of its unique, twilight allure.

Carry Ripple


Here is Carry Ripple’s second whimsical single leading into his highly anticipated self-titled album.

He’s releasing the project on Memphis’ tape label Public Interest Records.

From the very first lazy chord, you’re plunged into a sonic vortex of distortion and electrifying guitar riffs, accompanied by a thunderous rhythm section that pounds like a defiant heartbeat.

The lead vocalist’s gritty, gravelly voice adds an extra layer of edginess, injecting the song with a dose of unapologetic attitude and reckless abandon.

This one is a motherfucking slow burner my friends.

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