the avant-garde ft. in fades, s. vestergaard, indigo waves, jay gudda, mimi pretend

in fades

The dreamy indie sound of the project In Fades captures the waxing essence of a lazy Sunday afternoon with its hazy guitars, drum machine, and ethereal vocals.

The lo-fi production adds a nostalgic touch to the already intimate and comforting feel of the sound.

s. vestergaard

With its mellow beat and laid-back meandering melody, “The Slow Escape” is the perfect track to unwind to after a long day, and forget all about your worries and troubles.

The raw, lo-fi quality of the recording gives the song an intimate, DIY bedroom vibe that adds to its eclectic charm.

indigo waves

This lo-fi gem is a peaceful and introspective track that evokes images of blooming flowers and the changing of seasons.

The vocals are sublime as well.

And yes, the gentle guitar and airy synths also create a soothing atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxation, heading into the summer season.

jay gudda

This lo-fi hip-hop track has a laid-back, atmospheric vibe that’s perfect for late nights and long drives.

Jay Gudda’s low-key, yet in your face vocals and hypnotic beats make this cover track overdub a must-listen for fans of vintage and hip-hop music alike.

mimi pretend

Mimi’s dark lo-fi track showcases her unique vocal style and evocative lyrics.

The song’s minimalist production and haunting melody make it a standout in the indie scene.


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