Psychedelic Revival Ft. Zack Keim, Zook, The Veldt, and Meena

Zack Keim

“Canyon” is a stripped down rock and roll slow burner that’s dripping with elements of folk music and psychedelia reminiscent of the sixties. It’s a true treat for those who’re upon the long and dusty trail.

From the driving tambourine to the simplistic vocals, the track is a waxing and seemingly effortless sonic vibration that just seems to roll on by like a long and hot summer day. Listen on Spotify!


Zook is a Nashville-based freak folk artist dishing up down-home vibrations that are dripping with elements of psychedelia and folk music.

The track “Pimlico Racehorses” is a psych-folk melody featuring zither-like Appalachian instruments, lyrical depth, and atmospheric solos that will send you to cloud nine. Give Zook a listen on Spotify!

The Veldt

Identical twin brothers, Danny and Daniel Chavis, have been making transcendental music for about three decades. Indeed, the project was formed in 1986, in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“Sweeter” is a cyclical and driving indie jam that seems to beckon for a day that’s now lost and gone. The vocals lure one in, before the instrumentation drowns the listener in pure ecstasy. Listen to The Veldt on Spotify.


The indie group, Meena, is from Manchester, and dishes up an ethereal soundscape filled with heavy vibrations and radical lyricisms. A driving track that will put one on the edge of their seat.

The blurry sound is a reflection of the artist. A true peek inside a dark place that few have ever laid eyes on before. Now, sit back, and enjoy, we’ve got a long road ahead my friend.

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Published by

Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.