Spooktacular Tracks Ft. Francesca Blanchard and Hieronymus Harry

Francesca Blanchard

Francesca Blanchard is a French-American artist & producer based out of Burlington, Vermont. Her music infuses super-pop arrangements with complex emotional subtleties of experimentalism.

“je sais plus quoi te dire” is a parody of emotional indulgence at its absolute finest. A true trick, or treat.

Inspired by the French Ye Ye Pop era of the sixties, the track is a nonsensical cry for a long lost lover’s attention. An instant classic in our book!

When Francesca isn’t on stage or in the studio, chances are she’s hiking somewhere in the mountains.

Hieronymus Harry

Hieronymus Harry returns to the blog with a jester-like yet down-home fancy. The track waxes and wanes, but in the end, the folk-laden grandeur of the single shines bright.

The track is a hypnotic – spellbound infusion of twangy guitar solos and euphoric wails that explore the mystic meanderings of fulfillment and oneness with the cosmos.

“It’s about finding that bright, comfortable space within yourself where others can come and meet you. We meander in and out, but finding contentment with its absence can be the quickest way back in.”

“Radiant Planet” is the second single off of Hieronymus Harry’s debut album, The River of Doom, which arrives to streaming platforms November 11th! We can’t wait to give it a spin!


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