0044: Bobby T. Lewis – No One Never Said It (2022)

On October 23rd, a Sunday, in the year 2022, Bobby T. Lewis released his latest EP No One Never Said It on the independent label, Santa Rosa Records.

“I wanna understand what goes beyond the sky.”

The album is a yearning of sorts. A yearning for beauty. A yearning for understanding. A desire to know a thing that can never be fully understood.

“Time to bring it down and bring it down with fire!”

Words are simply words. Words merely scratch the surface of intent. They are mere utterances we’ve connected with insufficient meaning. A true conundrum as we trudge ever deeper into the nuclear age.

“It’s in a no man’s mind. It’s with no man’s hide. It’s with no more lies.”

The nostalgic EP was recorded in Seattle, Washington. And beautifully mastered by Chris Hanzsek. The project is dedicated to a dear friend, Doug Smith.

Keep up with the latest happenings of Bobby T. Lewis, both visual and sonic, by visiting his website and Bandcamp. All hail analog.



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