The Roundup Ft. John Charles, Sawel Underground, and Conflict at Serenity Pools (Spotify Exclusive)

John Charles — John without June

John Charles’ “John without June” is a lackadaisical, laid-back country folk tribute to the man in black, Johnny Cash, in the style of Cash — but a bit more evolved, indeed, an evolution that sounds more grand and expansive, yet in low fidelity, as always.

In short, the project encapsulates many of John Charles major influences such as the Kinks, and the Strokes, and also functions as a foundation for his divergent fusion of sound. A sound that lies somewhere between garage rock and the more down-home vibration of country music.

And now, here is John Charles’ “John without June”!

Sawel Underground — Pass On By

“Pass On By”, a fresh new song from Sawel Underground, is a gritty throwback to the psychedelic rockers of the past. The blazing harmonica, electrified guitars, and driving drums, are what makes this project particularly special, and sets it apart from the rest of the mockingbirds.

The band is comprised of Tristan Hale (lead vocals and guitar), Ashleigh Moore (guitar), Alex Mason (guitar and vocals), Matthew Jones (harmonica) and Michael Robinson (drums) — all hailing from North Staffordshire.

We can’t wait to hear more from Sawel Underground! And now, here is “Pass On By”!

Conflict at Serenity Pools — Seabird

“Seabird”, a quintessential track by Venice-based Serenity Pools, is an extraterrestrial merry-go-round of synthesizers and nostalgic fx. A true electronic seascape set upon the warm shoreline of California.

The dystopian post-punk project of Conflict at Serenity Pools is highly vibrant, yet has a very tranquil mood to it, and is layered with a subtle punk beat and languid, amorphous texture. It is a multi-instrumental, multi-dimensional, and a glimmering genuine post-modern masterpiece fit for a lazy day in the sand.

Listen and dig my friends. More sublime jams are upon the horizon.


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