Première: Red Little Hands (Only You Know) by Le Days

Some speculate that the ulterior energy underlying the creative process of Le Days is a peculiar process, while others feel it is an esoteric journey of self-actualization, well then, meet Daniel for yourself — the mind behind the sonic madness of an age on the cusp of death.

Daniel has been experimenting with music and the intricacies of the arts for well over a decade and is in the perpetual process of utilizing himself as a conduit to the cosmos in order to show the universe his introspective vision dripping with a raw, and dangerous vibration of artistic freedom.

Here is “Red Little Hands (Only You Know)! A difficult watch, but equally as gripping in a stripped down, and artistic sense. Also, the music is mesmerizing as well, mind you. Now please sit back, and enjoy the newly released track off Le Days’ new project.

On “Red Little Hands (Only You Know)” Daniel takes us down a deep and painful journey few have ventured down. With stripped down acoustics, Daniel invites the listener to travel with him down the deep and dark rabbit hole. And includes a black and white visual that seems obsessive and somewhat gaunt — while provoking dark thoughts and the struggle of living inside of them.

And fret not, for the vocals of liquid gold will flow through you like a fine wine, and at times will seem as if they are on the verge of breaking you. But fear not, for the abyss of Le Days is little for than a black bed of velvet and plush pillows.

Check out Le Days’ latest release on Spotify here!


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Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.

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