0041: Bobby T. Lewis – Sweet Summer Spirit (2021)

On a crisp December 5th, in the year 2021, Bobby T. Lewis released Sweet Summer Spirit on the independent label, Santa Rosa Records. And as the cryptic rain came down on a dark December night, a winsome melody resonated with my tired spirit.

What it was, I couldn’t quite pinpoint, but one thing I felt for certain was an overwhelming sense of peace. A reprieve from evil — in low fidelity mind you. 

A cool dewdrop on a hot summer morning. A warm kitten curled up by the fire on a cold night. An old record sputtering music from an ancient age — both dead and gone, but an age that was never really forgotten. These are the emotions that pique upon the brains of those who dabble in the sonic iridescence of Bobby’s latest project, Sweet Summer Spirit.

What was once a shallow well of electrified madness, is now a stripped down landscape of timeless beauty.

As the ghostly vocals pierce through the misty soundscape of Bobby’s latest release, it reminds one of a time that was almost lost, but a time that was never really found. It’s an intermission of sorts — preparing for the path ahead.

Sweet Summer Spirit is sunshine at dawn — deep within the rolling hills of Missouri. A radiant sound that is both bright and introspective, yet ever so tenuous and distraught with heartbreak — disturbed only by a single drop of rain.

Go get yourself a rad lo-fi mic from Sawyer Cigar Box Guitars! All hail analog.

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