Bedroom Bedlam Ft. Little Oil and Melting Resonance x Hannah Wyatt

Little Oil

Little Oil is the sonic manifestation of a San Francisco Bay Area artist who finally fulfilled his creative urge to be the totalitarian dictator of his musical cosmos. A true lover of punk, classic rock, indie, & real old time country & blues music, his music is a voodoo brew that sounds both familiar yet fresh and utterly authentic.

“San Jose” is an avant-garde post-punk jam in low fidelity that was born out of the annoyance of being told to be patient in a world that seems to be slowly melting away. The track is an underground diamond glimmering with the ghostly nostalgia of the golden age. It’s a call to a deeper place filled with romance and broken dreams.

Melting Resonance x Hannah Wyatt

“I’d Go Anywhere” by Melting Resonance x Hannah Wyatt is a catatonic fusion of indie, jazz, r&b, and folk, and in low fidelity of course. Now, take a listen and feel the charm from another world.

The twisted, laidback slow burner is a faded memory of a lovely other melting away. Sometimes, amidst the chaos and madness of the world, one just wants to escape, and meld into the ether. And what was once a hazy memory, eventually dissipates into a state of nothingness. And one must wonder if it ever really happened at all. This is true love.

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