Alone in Deer Park (Один в оленьем парке)

Alone in Deer Park (Один в оленьем парке) is an experimental project by Artem from Cosmic Letdown, an avant-garde artist out of Cheboksary, Russia.

The track we have for you today (I’m not at home — Я не дома) is a psychedelic free fall through the fractal wasteland of the weary mind. A poignant peak into the world of the benign nature of freak folk music. In short, it’s a festive treat for the autumn season, filled with synths, a filthy drum machine, and crunchy vocals. Here, take a listen for yourself.

The track was released on Opium Eyes Records — a boutique Russian label. And the project is named Alone in Deer Park after the eponymous song by Christian Bland & The Revelators.

Keep up with the project on Bandcamp.

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