electronic bedroom ft. dope lemon, damien sebe, and zack gross

Australia’s very own Dope Lemon’s latest electric single, “Stingray Pete” can be described as a Clint Eastwood shootout, shaping the upcoming album’s narrative into something truly unique.

Soaked in desert sun — fractured electronics pair with a haunting banjo that melt into the night air, in your favorite western noir that is…

A pure slow burn, Stone’s aura only adds to the feeling there’s more to the story than is being revealed.

Damien Sebe is a producer and performing artist out of South Africa. 

“Sometimes I feel lonely not having that many people to go hang out with or talk to but then sometimes I feel at my most peace alone. A somewhat sombre but mellow sound is what I was going for…” – Damien Sebe

With a bit of a depression, yet a mellow vibration to it, “cloudy, with a chance of loneliness” is a track inspired by the lonely moments we all endure. It has a very chill vibe with a bit of dullness to it…

Zack Gross’ IDRK is an eccentric ode to the unknown, and a subtle reminder to dance through doubt and uncertainty with a smile.

The track is a psychedelic bedroom freak folk festival, with elements of electronic indie. A true journey to the center of the mind.

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