VII: Melissa Carper – Back When (2021)

Back in time, back to the country, and back to a lost love. Melissa Carper’s single “Back When” is a wistful recollection and admitted longing for the love of a past relationship that has since ended. Heartache is a popular acquaintance that Carper knows and shows on her new track. With strong distinct vocals, her lyrics ring poignantly as she sings, “You couldn’t get enough of my lovin’, why can’t back when happen again?” Her own heartache mixes with the humming violin and a bluegrass beat that cuts through the melancholy soundscape. 

Through Carper’s artistry, she creates a bittersweet sonic manifestation of how it feels to miss someone, a someone who may have been “the one”. She offers her own unrequited feelings that ring true to her listeners and tell the simple yet familiar story of longing that is not especially unique, but is powerful and perceptible.

As her lower tones bellow and reminisce with clarity beneath the acoustic texture of the soundscape, Carper communicates that such painful personal experience that although this track may be new it feels quite old. It’s the point where life has built up inside and pain tries to polarize, that Carper decidedly cuts through to release truth and play the blues. The result is an open heart that offers solidarity to the many in similar shoes. 

As predecessor to her upcoming album Daddy’s Country Gold, “Back When” points to a promising album filled with honesty, gravity, and swinging liveliness. She contrasts heavy emotion with playful musicianship, as well as a classic maturity to her modern circumstances. With a long history of musical collaborations including Arkansas’ “Sad Daddy” and “Buffalo Gals Band”, Carper has taken striking steps with her new track and soon to be released album. Listeners will find the satisfying vintage sounds of soul, blues, and country, all culminating in rooted authenticity. She doesn’t shy away in her vocals, lyrics, or composition from the honesty and potency of more difficult feelings. Instead, she writes and creates from an internally emotional place that pours out and manifests externally as well-lived music.

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