Walking in the Moonlight with Los Alcos

“Rivera” is the second single from Los Alcos, a brand new jam band out of Austin, Texas. The track is a psychedelic Latin waltz through both space and time that we think you’ll really enjoy (particularly the catatonic vibrations of a motherly moonlit nature).

The project blends rhythmic Latin funk with tasty indie psych-rock vibrations and rolls them into a heavenly reverberating energy of existential glory. We feel that the track is a true slow dance through the cosmic skies of dark hues of both purple and red. Now, listen and lose yourself in the noxious vibrations of Los Alcos’ “Rivera”.

“Rivera” is Los Alcos’ “Icaro” or medicine song, “the guitar has this haunting sway that lulls you into a trance.  It is an ode to the moon because of its hypnotizing light that illuminates our shadows. It doesn’t eliminate them, we have to recognize our own shadows and do the inner work.  Letting go of what no longer serves you can be painful.  Yet there is freedom in the healing.” Said Vanessa Burden, lead singer of the outfit. “For me, “Rivera” is like my own Icaro, or medicine song, where I am constantly shedding layers of an old self and mourning that part of self, while finding beauty in the process.”

The project was Recorded, Engineered, and Produced by Mike Machinist at Sound Machine Studios. Keep up with the outfit on Instagram and be sure to give our Spotify playlist a follow. Here, you will find a ton of similar music.


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Charles Johnson

Independent journalist from Far West Texas.

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