Psychedelic Freakout Ft. Triptides, Psych-O-Positive, and Emile Mosseri (feat. Yeri Han)


The latest jam from an L.A. band who goes by the name of the Triptides “It Won’t Hurt You” is a sonic facade of psychedelic glory that probes the intricate vibrational possibilities of the space and time continuum, while still also embracing the 12 string-driven power trio format that has been the staple of the project’s sound since the early days.

Speaking of sound, the vibration is a throwback to the greats who are all but dead and gone, and in low fidelity mind you. Listen and dig my fellow brutes.

The West Coast natives have blossomed into the role of elegant adventurers. Led by guitarist, keyboardist and singer Glenn Brigman, with drummer Brendan Peleo-Lazar and bassist Stephen Burns.

The trio is continually discovering their sound through a complex formula of bold choices in texture. Follow the band on Spotify and don’t forget to give them a follow you filthy animals. The full LP, Alter Echoes, is out March 19 via Alive Naturalsound Records.


Psych-O-Positive is a bonafide cosmic benefactor of sonic vibrations dripping with psychedelia. The project seems to pull upon the heart strings until they’re so tight they feel like they’re about to snap, but they never do.

Instead, they just continue to vibrate at a higher frequency, that is until they burst with iridescent sparks of psychedelic euphoria.

The song “75” is an uptempo and gritty reflection upon life, back in the year of 1975. And seems to harken back to a time when things were simpler, and life, just a little bit funkier, and fuzzier.

If one didn’t know any better, you’d think that this project stepped right out of the 70s and into the limelight of 2021. They’re that damn good by golly. Now keep up with the Psycho-O-Positives on Spotify, and give them a follow you filthy animals!

Emile Mosseri

Award winning composer Emile Mosseri is scoring the critically acclaimed A24 film Minari, out 2/12 on Milan Records. The film’s music is an emotionally evocative body of alternative folk music with psychedelic undertones that seem to encapsulate the film’s intimate storytelling.

And now to cool things down a bit, here is our next track, entitled “Rain Song”, a hauntingly beautiful piece featuring the graceful vocals of actress Yeri Han, who also stars in the film as Monica. Now, take a listen.

Performed by Yeri Han as a simple lullaby, “Rain Song” came together as a collaborative effort between Mosseri and Korean translator and lyricist Stefanie Hong, who worked with Mosseri to adapt his original English lyrics into the Korean language.

In conclusion, the track is an evocative piece that seems to encapsulate the delicate emotion of a broken heart, but a heart that sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Now follow Emmile Mosseri on Spotify, here. Also, if you’re having trouble playing the YouTube video above, then stream the track right here on Spotify.


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