[Fresh] Indie of 2021 | Sophia Fitch, Duglo, Emma Paunil, Oracle Sisters

Well, 2021 is finally here, and it’s crazier than ever out there. At least that’s what they’re telling us on our T.V. screens.

To soothe the manic intrusion upon all our weary minds, we have for you today an eclectic set of tracks ranging from primitive bedroom folk to psychedelic songs of harmonic semblance. Now just sit back, light one up or crack one open, and get lost in the obscure vibrations straight from the dark depths of the underground well of independent music.

And now, here are our exclusive picks for the freshest indie tracks of 2021, so far. But please stay tuned for more! We’re only 11 days in!

Sophia Fitch

Three years ago, Sophia Fitch left New York and drove across the width of the country while six months pregnant. Upon her return to her hometown of Berkeley, California, she had her baby, and embarked upon a musical journey of enchantment.

“Where Do I Go From Here” was written about a time when Sophia felt lost and had little sense of direction. Though the struggle was hard, she found solace in the unfolding of the journey. 

Sophia concocts her catatonic vibrations of sorcery using atmospheric vocals, tantalizing synthesizers, and a curious persona that explores the journey in discovering how to dance with your shadow.

The sound is a modern dose of dream pop infused with elements of bedroom psychedelia. Sophia has future projects on the horizon, so give her a follow on Spotify to keep up with all her new releases!


Duglo is a lo-fi artist out of Brooklyn who makes music on his computer. Duglo draws from a diverse range of influences, but is always striving to shape his own sound and unique flavor of authentic artistry by acting outside the box.

The title track from Duglo’s new album is a colorfully faded tapestry of delicate dimensions and intricate sounds intertwined with a subtle yearning filled with an emotional desire of solitude and naive remorse.

The track starts off slow, flirting with dissonance, but then starts to slowly build and evolve until its final note of delicate emotion.

Ambient electronic soundscapes with an explicit emphasis on ornate textures and a delicate emotion are what makes Duglo stand apart from the herd. Now give the project a follow on Spotify!

Emma Paunil

Emma Paunil is a pianist and dancer who focuses on improvisational art forms, and loves to create compositions from the heart for the sole purpose of healing and personal transformation.

Emma’s mission as an artist is to comprehend the complex emotional release and regenerative properties that music & other artistic forms can have upon practicing individuals.

“Water Snake” is a grounding and ethereal track that invokes a melancholy and nostalgic vibration. Emma’s love for snakes stems from their hyper-awareness and essential part in a well-balanced ecosystem. Furthermore, water snakes are smooth in movement, and unquestionably unique.

As you might’ve guessed, Emma Paunil is an animal lover and her entire album of instrumental music was developed by envisioning symbolic forms of animals, and allowing the creative natural flow to take control. Now follow Emma on Spotify all you filthy animals.

Oracle Sisters

Oracle Sisters are a Paris-based project featuring Lewis Lazar, Christopher Willatt and Julia Johansen.

Lewis Lazar is a painter and Christopher Willatt is a mathematician (they have both been making music since they were childhood friends in Brussels) and Julia Johansen is an artist from Finland who backs up the boys with her beautiful harmonies and secret skills on the drum set.

“The Dandelion” pushes the Oracle Sisters’ sonic evolution forward by fusing elements of rock, psychedelia, and disco into a sound that is truly original and second to few.

The project’s influences are broad in spectrum, and also quite unconventional. Indeed it’s this ability (the ability to immerse themselves into any subject) that sets the Oracle Sisters apart from their contemporaries of mockingbirds. The band members find meaning within cinema, philosophy, paintings, and music – resulting in a message that is both warm and familiar, and cryptic yet paradoxically nostalgic. Follow the project on Spotify.

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