Living in the Present Moment with Kalmo & Lisa Darling


With the tentacles of technology creeping into our lives in a pervasive and all encompassing manner (that we accept in the name of convenience) we are relieved that there are those who are still able to turn off the electronic bug, and submit to the mysterious art of music.

Surrender to the Now (Für Catarina) is the first track off of KALMO’s album, Incorporea.

The ambient track is infused with cosmic qualities and explores the experience of being present in the moment of the now. A thing that can only happen when the mind is at peace and in a state of static semblance.

A tremolo is sustained throughout the song and acts as a drone in order to induce the listener into a hypnotic trance, and may even sway certain individuals into surrendering to the present now in an involuntary manner.

Music is one of the only art forms that can be consumed with the eyes closed shut and mind completely lost in the vibrations of a melody. This is what makes music so transcendental. So healing. Indeed, music has the innate ability to pinpoint our deepest and most profound thoughts and reveal to us things that may be difficult to accept and integrate into our daily lives.

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Living in the present moment is an experience that sounds quite simple, but is in fact becoming an oddity in the digital age. Well, New York-based artist Lisa Darling (another artist who is able to unplug and create) brings to us an experimental gem from the depths of her intricate mind.

The project is a unique audio experience that fosters emotional healing. From infants to the elderly who are on the cusp of death, Darling’s recorded work have had a profound impact on those who sit and listen.

Darling explores a sonic vibration that is not composed of mere hooks and gimmicky melodies; but contains within it a certain ethereal quality of wonder and bliss. A hypnotic element that seems to lull the listener into a catatonic sleep and heal one from the inside.

Here is “Sedna” by Lisa Darling, a brand new single that is fresh off the press. We hope that you enjoy this as much as we did here at Santa Rosa Records.

Darling’s work features ambient, wordless vocals to aid in the process of identifying and illuminating buried trauma and grief. Grounded in hypnotic rhythms, Darling uses her music as a vessel to reach the buried emotions from within us all.

Ambient layers intertwine and envelop the listener, connecting them to pure humanity, and even seems to invite a certain freedom of emotion for all who take part.

Each vocal layer acts as another instrument, in a subtle yet sublime fashion, and ambient layers wreak of pure emotion and a human being that is not content with the cyclical reality of the physical world.

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