Baby FuzZ

Passionfruit smoothie tycoon – Baby FuzZ – released the indescribable work of art “Acid Night” on October 23rd, in the infamous year of 2020.

When we thought things could not get any more bizarre, Baby FuzZ serves us up a cosmic slow-jam from the dark depths of a cotton candy stand in far right field. A real slow-burner shimmering with radical experimental elements of power-pop and psychedelia.

Words could never really describe what you are about to watch. So we simply suggest you sit back, light one up, and hit play. You will not regret it for a second.

“Acid Night” is a song I wrote about feeling a sense of impending doom and the idea that things have gotten really weird. I wrote it while on an acid trip at a baseball game last summer. I guess it’s like a dark vision of America that I had at the time. It just felt like something awful was about to happen and people were unaware of it. I guess it’s timely now in 2020. 

Baby FuzZ

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Published by

Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.