Natalie Jane Hill

As a Central Texas native — Natalie Jane Hill began writing songs upon moving to the Blue Ridge Mountains. While Natalie was immersed in the primitive folk scene, she conceived her very own fingerpicking style.

After spending some time in the southeast, Natalie’s performances have ranged from farm festivals to eclectic house shows. Her songs are intricately layered with melodious and descriptive introspective thought.

And now, here is “Emerald Blue” — one of our favorite tracks off of Natalie’s debut, full-length record release.

Nature plays a significant role in the inspiration of Natalie’s album, while also providing melodious depth to each and every track. Natalie’s debut record is a poetic ode to the cyclical changing of seasons, as well as the memories that tie into them.

Using the natural acoustics in the studio space, the vision of the album came together quite naturally. Above all else, Azalea depicts passing moments, subtle revelations, and quiet truths. In short, an overarching truth of nature that seems to intertwine the artist with the natural world.

Natalie’s brother Logan Hill mixed and mastered the record at Hilltop Media in Redding, California.

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