The Final Post Ft. Jon Campbell, Ryan Melone, and Mother Mariposa

The past several weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the utility of music blogs as we throttle into the digital age. And, I just no longer feel the standard blog post, containing an embed and a slew of compelling words, is the best way for us to feature independent music at this point in space and time.

We feel we’ve been caught up in a vicious cycle.

From time to time I stumble upon a beautiful post that seems to bloom like a morning daffodil, and illustrates a particular track perfectly, but then again, these are few and far between, and how many people actually read these, and listen to the embeds within said post, are even fewer.

It’s sad but true. Music blogs have evolved into a sort of plastic legitimacy badge for the artist. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Example: Artist sends blog their track. If the blog digs it, they post track. Artist shares blog post with fans. A few fans skim the article. And that’s about it. Exposure is minimal. But, we think we can change this. However, we must evolve in order to do so.

The better blogs out there (you know who you are) also post a link to their social media, and if they’re really good, add track to a Spotify playlist. But sadly, most blogs are not this cordial, and do the absolute bare minimum. But hey, that’s okay. Most of us do this for free.

Anyway, all I’m really trying to say is that this will be our last standard blog post, ever. That’s right, in the future, we’ll be packaging tracks into a radio show that will be made available just about everywhere. So please, stay tuned my friends. I think you will all enjoy the new way we’re going to be featuring indie music.

Jon Campbell

Jon Campbell is an american singer-songwriter, and visual artist based out of Berlin.

His music fuses indie-folk and alt-country with a powerfully raw expression of his homosexuality and love for roots music.

Facets of “Work Boy” are brilliant. A vivid manifestation of Jon’s evolution as an artist.

Two years ago I hoisted my bed onto 2-meter “stilts“, built a recording booth underneath it, and was stowed away in that hull every single night. Black Widow was filmed there; it represents the darkest moment in that journey. It’s my Land of the Lotus Eaters and the Sirens wailing from the shore. It’s Francis’ self-destructive little sister. It’s realizing that after all those years of fearing the monster under the bed, that it was you all along.” – Jon Campbell

Ryan Melone

Ryan Melone is an alternative rock musician and producer based out of Nashville.

Inspired by both classic and modern psych music, Ryan takes an organic approach to the recording process. And lets the cosmos do the dancing.

Over the course of his career, Ryan has performed with various alternative outfits in addition to serving as a multi-instrumentalist for a slew of recording artists.

“Diamonds” is a waxing track of psychedelic significance. Just as one drifts off to sleep, another wave breaks upon the shore, and opens up a brand new world.

Mother Mariposa

Mother Mariposa is a new project from the underground experimentalist, Jason Atoms (The Upsidedown) – an unprecedented sound from the niche record label, Little Cloud Records.

Mother Mariposa channels elements of contemporaries like Spiritualized and The Flaming Lips.

Having toured with bands like Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mother Mariposa has made close friendships with heavy-weights in their genre.

FYI, the band will join the Warhols on tour this Winter. So please stay tuned.


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