Dope Lemon [Angus Stone]

Australian-based Dope Lemon (Angus Stone) brings to us a drug-fueled sound of authentic indie and arid desert nights. And to honor the release, Dope Lemon bestows us with a catatonic video for the new single “Give Me Honey”.

The track is an iridescent slow dance glowing with grit and an authentic swagger fit for the Wild West. It’s a nostalgic mirage in the vast, toilsome wasteland of plastic indie and empty pop music.

Now watch as drag queen Callum Lawson hypnotizes the limelight and brings space and time to a standstill.

Dope Lemon’s unique psychedelic folk encapsulates the emotion of the weary wasteland — both desolate and lonely, yet beautiful and majestic.

In fact, the Australian-based artist is already a creative force to be reckoned with.

“Dope & Smoke” is also off Dope Lemon’s new album. The video was directed by Angus Stone, the man behind Dope Lemon, and edited by Kate Howard. Take a listen:

This track “Dope & Smoke” is squeezed and distilled into a sweet nectar fit for the gods and is then infused with an indica dominant hybrid. It’s a sound fit for a blurry moonlit night.

Dope Lemon is not just a melting pot of artistic experimentation, but an iconic psychedelic phenomenon. Give the man behind the curtain, Angus Stone, a follow on Instagram. And prepare yourself for more dope music.

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