YouTube Exclusive Ft. chikondiman, Rah-C, and Jonah Primo


Lo-fi conscious hip-hop artist chikondiman is given a Playstation controller on his birthday, giving him incredible teleporting abilities. This is low-key fire my friends. A fluid trip through the conscious mind of a savage dreamer. Check it.


Rah-C brings us the fourth installment of his 60 second episode series. We all have no idea just how radical Rah-C’s new album will be, but if it’s anything like these recent 60 second gems, then we should all be in for a major treat. Also, be sure to check out the latest video (5th episode) from the genre bending magician, Rah-C.

Jonah Primo

Here are a few words from the man himself, Jonah Primo: “A hooplehead is a fictional slur for the listless boozing golddiggers of the Wild West, popularized by the television show Deadwood. The song tells the revenge story of Al Swearengen, the local pseudo-psychopathic kingpin.”


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