Underground Vibrations Ft. The Blunt Franklys, Brother Jimbo, and The Florets

The Blunt Franklys

The Blunt Franklys, an LA-based project influenced by lo-fi jazz, heavy amounts of bud, and Southern California surfer music, recently released their latest track “When Yr Around”.

The living spirit of the track is a fuzzy daydream induced by psychedelic drugs, and a hazy memory. And the existential lyrics are about the wavering reality of love, and seem to find solace in knowing that she might be there.

Brother Jimbo

Brother Jimbo’s track “The Fruit of the Flower of Love” was recorded in Portland, Oregon, over the course of a series of Sunday recording sessions for the album, ‘Sunday Studies, Vol. 1’. The instrumental track is one of the sweeter, free-flowing acoustic tunes we’ve listened to as of late, and seems to shine of a nostalgic resonance, dusted with late night indica, and Jesus rays.

As the September Equinox approaches, Brother Jimbo carries on, wielding with him the torch of Americana roots music. May love and peace be with you all, Amen.

The Florets

Melbourne, Australia is where our final artist calls home.

“Five Foot Vice”, is the first track off The Florets’ new EP, ‘Friction Made Fiction’. The Florets had this to say about the track: “We had a lot of fun in the studio bringing this one to life. It’s a tricky song to play live so being able to layer it piece by piece was a real treat.”

To us, the soundscape is an ornate, evolving track that seems to flow like the Yarra River. And the vocals seem to float effortlessly above a fuzzy soundscape that’s shimmering of guitars and driving drums. Enjoy.


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Ellis Walker

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