Bedroom Bedlam Ft. Harry Nathan, Yaehsun x Jose Contreras, and maye

Harry Nathan

Harry Nathan is a revolutionary Australian producer, singer and songwriter who has continued to evolve, just as much as he has inspired those around him.

His sound resides somewhere between lo-fi disco and indie dream pop — a nostalgic place that sits along the fringe of reality and the dreamworld.

Nathan is inspired by a desire to explore the ornate intricacies of modern love, and the human connection that seems to be fading as we delve deeper onto the digital age.

Odeya Rush and Nathan team up (yet again) on their 3rd music video, “Alright” — a DIY, low budget love story between a sandwich and a croissant. The music video (which they made in Harry’s kitchen) is colorful and entertaining, yet provides the perfect backdrop for Nathan’s “Alright EP”.

“It started off with a simple idea to have Harry make a delicious sandwich. I pitched it as ‘something super easy to make.’ Though, as we got closer to shooting, the idea grew and I knew we couldn’t make something that didn’t excite or challenge us.” – Odeya

The visual and sonic aesthetic is unconventionally eclectic, a bit crowded, yet somehow seems to alleviate the listener with it’s creative charm and warm lo-fi vibrations.

Yaehsun x Jose

Canadian artists Jason Haberman (Yaehsun) and Jose Contreras (By Divine Right) dish up a hazy, bedroom psych-rock gem from the eclectic underbelly of the Canadian scene of independent music.

Jason Haberman (aka) Yaehsun is a Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist. He has been a part of many different collaborations over the years and is now starting to release his own music.

The new track “La De Ba” is the second collaboration between Yaehsun and Jose Contreras, and is an ode to summer, the warm sun, coffee, and waiting for it to return, again and again.

She’s an absolute beauty my friends. Listen with care.


“Tú” was written by Maye Osorio (born in Caracas, Venezuela, and raised in Miami) alongside Fernando Osorio, Fernando Belisario, and Patrick Howard.

“Tú” is the second single from the emerging independent artist, maye, and is the first track she’s released that’s exclusively in the tongue of love — Spanish.

Music has no borders, it’s the universal language, and just might unite us all, despite the chaotic culture of exclusivity and mass produced drivel that seems to infect us all.

Producers Pat Howard and Fernando Belisario, both of Miami’s Magic City Hippies, have been integral forces in the creative development of maye, and look to collaborate more as she prepares to release her debut album.

Now sit back, light one up, and receive the radical vibrations of maye with utmost grace and humility. This one’s a dandy.


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