Two Shades of Folk Ft. “Plain Jane” & “Bartender”

“Plain Jane”

“Plain Jane” is an experimental indie folk track wreaking of the Velvet Underground and Tommy James and the Shondells. It’s a psychedelic throwback to an acid-soaked time now dead and gone.

The iridescent vocals seem to invite the listener on a dreamy lo-fi adventure dripping with psych-folk brilliance and a nice cool buzz. It’s truly some premium shit.

However, in reality it’s a song about a girl, existential dread, and coffee. Now sit back, burn one down, and prepare to have your mind melted by the freshest sound in town. Here is, hhhhhh…


“Bartender” is the debut track from Bug Martin’s upcoming record which was released back on July 26th by Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.

After spending several grim years germinating in Baltimore’s bizarre arts scene where Bug wrote and recorded several self-released albums, his new album explores genre-bending tales of hapless love and drunken wisdom.

Bug is a storyteller born in the basement of New Jersey, he’s a singer-songwriter who explores inner space to create moody, alternative-folk music steeped in Americana, blues, and roots music. Bug’s songs evoke existential and confessional themes, often with tongue planted firmly in cheek.


Published by

Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.