Mystery Showcase Ft. Different Places in Space, Frogi, PERCASSETTE, Dante Mazzetti, Àbáse, and Pearla

Different Places in Space

Different Places in Space is an indie shoegaze outfit out of Pittsburgh, PA.

Their new single is a shimmering song speaking of empowerment and not worrying about what others think about you.

“I Can Do What I Want” is a psychedelic ensemble infused with elements of dream pop in an enchanting journey through time and space. Now sit back, turn up the volume, and soak in the radical vibrations. You will not regret it.


“I wrote time in the bedroom of my apartment when I was really heartbroken.”

Frogi, a Los Angeles based artist, spills her heart out on her latest track with retro vocals that explore the inner workings of the fragmented mind. She weaves ethereal vocals into a subdued soundscape — inducing a dream-like state.

“I lost someone very close to me when I was nineteen, and after that all I could do was write songs all the time. It was the only thing (besides my dog) that got me through it.” 


PERCASSETTE Ft. BELLSAINT dishes up a fresh new chillhop jam wreaking of quintessential lo-fi bedroom music.

“Like Gold To Me” is a lackadaisical slow dance into the inner depths of a midsummer afternoon. It’s like gravy on potatoes, or chocolate oozing down the spherical slopes of a steaming hot fudge sundae.

And now sit down, take a load off, and soak in the intoxicating sound-waves of PERCASSETTE & BELLSAINT.

Dante Mazzetti

Dante Mazzetti is a storyteller who was born and raised in New York City, he started playing the fiddle at the age of three. And by five, he was learning guitar and writing his own songs. The rest is history.

Mazzetti’s new track “Hey Now” focuses on an individual who is completely honest about who he is and where he’s at in life — broken and now hardened. He knows that he must leave the life he once had and be born again. But it’ll be hard.

“The songs are doors that open easily into bizarre worlds rather than places of comfort.” – Mazzetti


Àbáse (Szabolcs Bognar) is a multi-instrumentalist creating a magical blend of West African, Brazilian, hip hop, jazz and club music. He focuses on the rhythm section and drifts between funky riffs and silky smooth chord structures. The word “àbáse” comes from the West African Yoruba language and stands for “collaboration” — a key facet of Àbáse’s music.

Àbáse studied at the Jazz Conservatory in Budapest and has had stints in Paris, New York, Rio de Janeiro, and Salvador de Bahia — but is currently based in Berlin.

Àbáse’s latest project is a seven piece adventure of instrumental artistry, each channeling a musical journey of its own, while inviting the listener on a personal, emotional journey with guests he encountered along the way…


Pearla, the project of 22-year-old Nicole Rodriguez — sounds like your childhood toys all hiding in a trunk up in the dusty attic — innocent, familiar, and at the very same time, tragic and quite sad. Pearla’s songs are intricate artifacts of profound emotion — playful yet evocative, contained yet complex. It’s a perfect balance.

The waxing instrumentation of “Daydream” is a fleeting glimpse into the intricately complex mind of Pearla. And while roots music builds the foundation of her music, Pearla tinkers with stray noises from all edges of the world to relay her hazy, pastel-colored feelings of displacement and wonder.

“This song is about clinging onto a memory until it becomes distorted in your mind, and turns into an almost absurd attempt to escape the present.” – Pearla


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Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.