Spotify Redesign — and Radio for Drivers

New Redesign

Spotify is officially rolling out its redesigned platform, making it easier to move between Music and Podcasts.

Your Daily Drive

Spotify also has a new automated playlist called “Your Daily Drive” — and it just might make your morning drives to work a bit more bearable.

The streaming app creates the playlist based on songs that you love and throws in some quick podcast news updates in the mix as well.

Optimized Radio

It’s pretty much like FM radio, except all the songs you’ll be hearing are your favorites. Think of it as a sort of personal, optimized radio!

The playlist will autonomously update throughout the day, making sure that your drives never get too repetitive or boring. Thank you AI.

Only in the USA

So far, Spotify’s “Your Daily Drive” has only been launched for users living within the USA, but here’s to hoping that it will soon roll out for users in other countries as well.