Spotify Lo-Fi Session Ft. Miynt, Day Joy, Steevn, Salvador Dassi


Swedish born artist Miynt is back at it — and better than ever — with a brand new EP coming out later this summer!

Blending elements of lo-fi psych rock and indie electronic music — Stockholm-artist Miynt’s fresh new single is entitled “Peaches.” The song was written and co-produced by Miynt as well. 

“Peaches” follows the release of her first single “Vacation with Bond in south of France part 2” — a cinematic soundtrack to a Bond movie that was never made.

The luscious bedroom — lo-fi avant-garde pop sound of Miynt seems to melt into a cataclysmic bowl of candied peaches, and half-melted ice cream. The sound is a delectable sonic treat to behold.

Day Joy

Day Joy songwriter, Michael Serrin, comments on new single, White: “I grew up with someone who eventually became radicalized. He actually ended up becoming an active organizer for the infamous Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville. One day, I ran into him and we got into an argument. His primary point was basically that white people should remain in power in the United States just as Japanese people remain in power in Japan, Chinese people in China, etc. My response was to ask him exactly what he meant by white people? And, to my surprise, he had a hard time answering the question.

I wanted to deconstruct the concept of whiteness to see if anything was actually there.

I also wanted the lyrics to describe whiteness in terms of physics and optics… I love the idea that every color of the rainbow blended together is white. I thought that stacking the scientific on top of the spiritual would create an interesting dichotomy. The juxtaposition is a rainbow as the LGBTQ symbol and white light as the symbol of purity in religious institutions that oppose LGBTQ communities. The lyrics expose this irony through an anecdote of a closeted love affair — one who resents his sexuality and uses a hateful slur, the other who embraces himself and leaves the barred room — stepping into the light.”


Steevn’s recordings aren’t really about quality, they’re more about heart. Emotion. The kind of music that’s playing in the background — as you stare into the abyss of the dreamworld…

This particular lo-fi track was recorded on a no-string budget while Steevn was dodging pick pockets in Mexico City. He recorded it on the cheap — with a $20 mic in a little AirBnb room.

The track is a poignant love song about a girl and a city gone mad. It’s got some Autotune, but in a weird — and very cool way. Steevn likes to call it — post-folk.

And now, after a good and long introspective toke, settle in and soak in the heavy vibrations of Austin’s very own, Steevn.

Salvador Dassi

Norway-based Salvador Dassi’s new track — “She” — contains interesting elements of doped out indie rock, bedroom pop, and a more experimental lo-fi texture that never seems to get old.

The sonic result is quintessential lo-fi stoner rock — chilled out to the very max. With a very cool bass-line, and interesting beat.

Facets of Salvador’s new lo-fi slow jam seem to bend both space and time in a sort of nostalgic, and half asleep manner. The blend is a beautiful fusion of the new and old. The whole and broken. The yin and the yang. A perfect fusion of melodic beauty.

“Sometimes you climb out of bed in the morning and you think, I’m not going to make it, but you laugh inside — remembering all the times you’ve felt that way.” ― Charles Bukowski


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