Indie Folk Spotlight: Penny Opry | Mending | Chelsea Storm | The Skipping Stones | Joe Kaplow | Simon Linsteadt

Penny Opry

Hailing from the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay — Penny Opry brings to us a sound back from the dead — a vibration that breathes life into a genre some thought was gone forever.

Equipped with a suitcase drum kit, ukulele, and an antique button accordion, the outfit draws on creative inspiration from maritime folk tradition, tin pan alley, and traditional drinking songs. 

Penny Opry founders Joan Wilson Rueter and Rosie Steffy dive deep into the murky waters of the underground — and explore seafaring music from North America and the British Isles, to the underworld of Americana roots music.

Here is the happy go lucky tune, “Walkin in the Rain”.


Kate Adams and Joshua Dumas create dreamy ambient slow burners made of voice, piano, and synths alike.

“We Gathered at Wakerobin Hollow” is a four hour, forty song cycle, released in nine Chapters. A sonic spectacle to behold.

In Year 33, a warm quiet moment at the midpoint of the story gives us an intimate glimpse into Emma and Jon’s life on the farm at Wakerobin Hollow…

Words and Music are all by Kate Adams and Joshua Dumas. Enjoy.

Chelsea Storm

Chelsea Storm crafts a soulful mix of intimate folk music. Her unique sound makes you feel like you’re somewhere between a sacred ceremony in the Amazon and a cozy concert in a small smokey tavern.

The authenticity echos beyond an angelic voice and drifts throughout the heartfelt lyrics that speak to the deepest part of the human existence.

Chelsea’s songs poetically express her personal relationship with Nature, with a haunting call to action — to protect and reconnect with this wild and vulnerable home of ours.

Meaningful, meditative, and mournful — Chelsea’s new track will take you on a transcendental journey through a wilderness of heartbreak and a sea of hope, leaving you with a sense of authenticity rarely found within the empty corridors of contemporary music.

The Skipping Stones

The Skipping Stones are an alternative folk outfit made up of K. Maginel and Cub Wyse. 

The duo from Norwich, Connecticut is focused on bringing traditional Americana music to the sonic forefront. 

With harmonies reminiscent of the Carter Family, this pair is guaranteed to make you feel something deep down inside the valleys of your heart. 

Their sound is unique, rich, and enticing — all while playfully infusing Peruvian panpipes, the 5 string banjo, and more.

The outfit reflects the authentic vibrations of the collective human experience. Now sit back, burn one down, and enjoy the ride.

Joe Kaplow

Joe Kaplow lives in a four-acre mansion in the rolling hills of Santa Cruz. He shares the space with a group of shaggy hippies, a few rats, and some very dilapidated floors and walls…but it does have a swimming pool.

For Kaplow, becoming a full-time musician and adopting a lifestyle that often accompanies it — didn’t all happen overnight.

Having moved from farm life and family in New Jersey to the rich Santa Cruz music community — Kaplow has often found himself living paycheck to paycheck as he departs on several month long tours throughout the USA.

Kaplow records music in various bedrooms of the house where he lives, rehearses with band mates, and writes constantly — dedicating himself fully and lovingly to the craft of music.

Kaplow’s songs deal with his own struggles in cathartic musings overlaid with folksy guitar stylings reminiscent of legends now dead and gone.

Dealing with loneliness, depression, seclusion, death, and the fractured dichotomy between finding literal and figurative homes — Kaplow’s fresh take on folk music is the kind that will help you pull through difficult times. Enjoy it while it lasts…

Simon Linsteadt

Simon Linsteadt is an eclectic — introspective artist living in the metropolis of the cavernous settlement of New York City.

Linsteadt’s “Cecropia” is a dreamy, lo-fi folk song about a lonely moth flying through the dark night.

The tragic tale will leave you in awe as the beauty of Linsteadt’s melody takes the listener on a whimsical journey through the heavy air of a moonless night.

Enjoy my friends, and rest easy.

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