A Music Review: Scott Stevenson, Steve Marino, Argonaut & Wasp, and Hostxess

Scott Stevenson

Scott Stevenson is a composer based out of Brisbane Australia.

Over the last last few years Stevenson has released a variety of tracks, each one evolving from the last in terms of genre and tone.

Scott is unafraid to experiment in his quest for an idiosyncratic audio identity. 

This track is a luscious minimal electronica journey that takes the listener across a myriad of textural layers from bleak minimalistic expanses to more industrialized breakbeat backrooms.

Scott Stevenson’s music lives in a dark territory — pushing psychedelic realms that engulf the listener like a morphine blanket.

Steve Marino

Over the last ten years or so, Steve Marino has recorded a slew of solo albums, been in a bunch of bands, and toured the country — but his newest album, ‘Fluff’, is the first collection of songs he’s released under his own name. So in that sense, it’s his “debut” album. 

‘Fluff’ is an album about home, and one’s place in it, love. It is, in perfect balance — and is sort of a story about an artist who finds home.

Steve’s honest songwriting reaches a peak on this chilled out, feel-good jam that embodies long summer nights with all the people you love.

The album will be out May 24.

Argonaut & Wasp

Helenor is the moniker for Boston-based artist David DiAngelis.

His debut LP was written and recorded at home over the greater part of 2017. Drums were provided by Seth Kasper who also co-produced the album.

The album is set to be released sometime in August, 2019.

This song is about throwing away food. Enjoy.


“A body that labors to entertain and please others. Slowly reclaiming their own. No host or hostess. Para-sight.” X.

The primitive intro seems to bloom into a catatonic spectacle of sublime innocence coupled with a somewhat ominous emotive undertone of unrequited love.

And the culmination is a minimal electronic masterpiece — spliced with a certain scent of undulating love.

We hope to hear more from Hostxess very soon. The primordial sound of this track is just simply intoxicating.

“One day I’ll have the nerve. oh my darling.”

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