0024: Lychnis – Priscilla Presley (2019)

Today, on April 10th, in the year of our lord, 2019 — Lychnis released the two-track single ‘Priscilla Presley’ on the independent label, Santa Rosa Records.

The single was inspired by Priscilla herself, and how she would (at times) get Elvis all to herself when he would periodically return home from the road — back to Graceland.

The feelings of the burning love she must’ve felt when they were together sums these two tracks up perfectly. Enjoy.

‘Priscilla Presley’ by Lychnis

“I hear the king play his songs, dripping in gold, light up the blue dream…if our love killed god, the living, and the sober, I know that I’m not enough and I know that he’s gone.” — Lychnis

‘Priscilla Presley’ was written, recorded, and produced by Alex Aguilar, mastered by Jesse Gilmore, and is now streaming everywhere music is available! Select your streaming platform of choice, here.

New music is on the horizon — so please stay tuned by giving Lychnis a follow on Spotify!

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