Youtube Exclusive: Bag of Brains | Lucille Furs | Olmo + Mathilda | Gina Brooklyn

Bag of Brains

Bag of Brains is an independent lo-fi duo out of Northern Michigan.

Their latest single is a short and sweet song about how it feels to be alive. The track is absolutely adorable. Listen and dig my friends.

The acoustic lo-fi instrumentation fuses beautifully with the heartbreaking vocals of Cameron John Ashstan and Strangebird.

The track is quite simply a lackadaisical medley brimming with pain, love, and heartfelt joy of a somewhat sad nature.

Lucille Furs

Lucille Furs’ “All Flowers Before Her” paints a colorful masterpiece of a burning love riddled with a relentless driving force of radical grooviness.

The timeless track was released on Requiem Pour Un Twister.

The song is off Lucille Furs’ new album, Another Land.

The project is an immersive listen, the kind of record you’ll get completely lost in. An experience dripping with a warm and vintage sound infused with psychedelic vibrations of an era now gone.

Olmo Mathilda

Olmo and Mathilda is the eclectic collaboration of two childhood friends.

Olmo is a Berlin based musician whose music ranges from electronic to acoustic soundscapes. And Mathilda is a girl who has many, many snails.

The two artists are currently on tour in Europe and will release their debut album — Fake People — on the 19th of April.

“Love song is an old fashioned song about love songs running through your head all day”. — Olmo + Mathilda

Gina Brooklyn

Gina Brooklyn is an experimental alt-folk artist mixing up nostalgic soundscapes of a downtempo, and gentle nature.

“Butterfly” was written, produced, engineered, composed, and arranged by award winning singer and songwriter Gina Brooklyn.  

Her musical style showcases a harmonious arch with soul-gripping melodies, introspective lyrics, and unique vocals that creates a captivating ambiance that could very well be revolutionary.

Brooklyn is on a quest to inspire people through the universal language of her music. Stay tuned.

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