Subconscious Track of the Week: Voodoo by Linden

The subconscious is a bizarre realm, one that too few are familiar with, but a domain that Brighton-based songwriter – Linden – is quite fond of.

The subconscious is an out-of-focus place that unveils our deepest sorrows – a dark realm littered with vivid imagery of universal iconic symbolism and enigmatic themes.

The mysterious world of linden is no different as she displays interwoven conceptual works with visual arts – presenting her very own personal brand of sonic vibrations in a new and refreshing light.

The human condition, female sexuality, and domestic violence are all issues Linden embodies. And she does it on her own terms as she journeys through her conceptual garden of intricate medleys and meandering thoughts.

Linden’s latest single “Voodoo” deals with the internal struggle of domestic violence.

The emotionally charged track was Produced by the one and only, Steven Bamidele. We hope you enjoy, and be sure to give Linden a follow on Spotify.

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Charles Johnson

Independent journalist from Far West Texas.