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Distant Tide

Distant Tide is an avant-garde, experimental artist out of Los Angeles who fuses classic psychedelia with a more contemporary, yet unique style of indie rock.

Distant Tide’s new single — “Magnolia” — embodies virgin springtime vibrations, and is infested with a desert psych-rock emotion. It’s reminiscent of a new breed of psychedelia — a rare oddity in an age infested with mockingbirds stray pigeons.

The vocals seem to effortlessly glide through a shimmering soundscape, and somehow reminds the listener of a time now forgotten. It’s quite simply perfect in every fallible way.

The track was written, recorded, and produced by the man behind the veil — Daniel Griffith.

We hope you enjoy Distant Tide’s new single. And, be on the lookout for more Distant Tide on the blog in the near future. Because today, he acquired a new fan.

“‘Magnolia’ is the 2nd single off my debut EP, a psychedelic journey fusing both classic and modern sounds.” — Distant Tide

Idan Altman

Idan Altman is an experimental artist and record producer. His music is particularly suited for eccentric weirdos and fellow eclectic artists alike.

In 2017, after living in Berlin for a stint, Altman retreated to the countryside where he founded Waving Cat Records with Chinese artist, Shu Ying.

“Proceed to the Gate” is an intensely psychedelic, and honest track off Altman’s latest masterpiece, It all Works Out in The End.

And now without further ado, here is Altman’s mind melting sonic adventure, “Proceed to the Gate”. Enjoy.

“Every day our body decays, yet we look the other way. So we save some cash and wait, ’til it’s time to proceed to the gate.” — Idan Altman


BenCjones is an artist and producer out of Fort Worth, Texas. He is a child of music, as both his parents were music majors when they met in college.

You could say that he was born with rhythm in his blood.

BenCjones has since developed into a multi-instrumental prodigy, vocalist, and experimental songwriter with a style that bends traditional genres and conventional modes of thought — a creative force that blurs the typical lines of alternative and indie rock.

His new album, Just One Gun, will drop June 2nd!

But first, BenCjones new single “Time Bomb” takes the listener on an intensely interesting and hard-hitting journey that climaxes with a beautiful guitar solo and heavenly choir. We hope you dig!

“I’ve got to tell you, you’re like a time bomb baby.” – BenCjones


Covey is an alternative folk pop project led by British multi-instrumentalist and vocal extraordinaire, Tom Freeman.

Since relocating to the United States for school back in 2010, Covey has now managed to connect to his listeners through his unusual lyrics and raw vocal melodies.

And now, here is Covey’s new track “Gecko”…

“I saw you in my dream last night as I stood alone.” – Covey


POLR is portrayed as a giant polar bear with a polaroid camera, but the producer behind the project is Nashville-based experimental artist — Micah Von.

The instrumental lo-fi hip hop artist explores a lost genre through a combination of obscure samples, groovy rhythms, and polarizing bass-lines.

Each POLR release has explored a different theme, and features unique elements such as historic samples and even collaborations with neoclassical musicians.

POLR’s new release arrives with a simple, yet quite chilled out style using unique vibrations to paint a picture of a serene greenhouse — lush and overgrown. The track utilizes organic textures and wood blocks to create a laid back and tranquil lo-fi atmosphere.

He hopes the listener will find peace and tranquility — refuge — in his music. And now — relax, get comfortable, and take the trip with POLR.

“Planting Seeds for a Brand New Sound with New Single ‘Greenhouse'” – POLR

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