Lo-Fi Indie Psych-Pop Hour Ft Thing Kong, Bitch Lungs, Melt Mars, Edgar Cards, Bag of Brains, Low Hum, Credit Electric, Denni Ian, Van Goose, Good Coffee, Deep Sea Peach Tree, MOMS, Baby FuzZ, Luna Cruise, Wovoka Gentle, Day Joy + a Bonus Spotify Playlist!

Today, I pretty much just wanted to compile and feature several of my favorite lo-fi indie pop tracks as of late. I also included a new Spotify playlist I created especially for this curation. I hope you dig. And be sure to give your favorite artists from the playlist a follow. Enjoy!

Thing Kong

Thing Kong is a dynamic recording duo out of Munich, Germany.

Five years after their initial EP, they now release their debut LP, Insane Dinosaur Footage.

It is bedroom psych-pop galore – infused with psychedelic undertones of an intrinsic nature.

Insane Dinosaur Footage was recorded during the outfits last years in Munich, in a Hut in the Austrian Alps, in Morocco, and in Innsbruck.

Bitch Lungs

Bitch Lungs is an indie folk artist out of San Francisco, California.

“Garden in the Backyard” is a sweet and simple love song of young love and acoustic romance – a heartfelt gem among a sea of forced emotion melancholy desire.

Bitch Lungs sings sad songs and walks through life with a fleeting glare of empty solitude. Tragic, we know.

Be sure to catch him April 4th at The Lost Church in San Francisco, CA!

Melt Mars

Melt Mars is a nonchalant lo-fi indie rock band out of Southern California. Their cool and collected vibrations will leave you writhing in pure ecstacy.

Here is the late and great, “Memory Lane”.

Also, a new Melt mars single is on the horizon, so be sure to give the band a follow to be notified the second their new track drops.

We can’t wait to see what lies ahead for this emerging outfit. It should make for some easy listening.

Edgar Cards

Edgar Cards is an experimental hip-Hop producer from Southern California who draws from a wide range of influences such as Madlib, Jimi Hendrix, and Sun Ra.

“Mother Weeps for Her Child” is a song about war and the tragic loss of innocent civilians and their loved ones mourning their death.

The project is an anti-war compilation that focuses on the devastation and terror of war.

The concept of the album is heavily inspired by the sixties and the protest songs that arose from that dynamic and heavy time period.

Bag of Brains

Cameron John Ashstan and Strangebird are the two personalities who make up the eclectic and disjointed act of Bag of Brains.

Here is their beautifully out of tune (however slightly) cover of Daniel Johnston’s “Story of an Artist”. He would (and perhaps will) be very proud.

The track was recorded in a closet in the band’s small home in Northern Michigan. If you dig a blend of lo-fi bedroom pop with an eclectic variation of modern and vintage sounds, then you’ll likely fall in love with Bag of Brains.

More Bag of Brains is on deck, so stay tuned my friends!

Low Hum

“Not a lot of people know Low Hum, and that’s what I’m really excited about” said Low Hum’s creator, Collin Desha.

Desha explores a daring mix of late night soundscapes and infectious melodies on “I Don’t Know Me Like You Do”, from his forthcoming album, Room To Breathe, due June 7th.

“‘I Don’t Know Me Like You Do’ is one of my favorite songs on the record,” says Desha, “it reveals a level of honesty from me as a writer.”  

“On the one hand it’s a self-reflective song about figuring out who you are under all the complicated layers, but also realizing that certain things in your life can help you understand that when you may not be able to.”

Credit Electric

In Oakland, Credit Electric’s Ryan LoPilato met guitarist Cameron Iturri-Carpenter with whom he began to write and collaborate, then found musician and sound engineer Stephen Boyd, Kansas City musician Nathan Smith and pedal steel player Evan Hiller to finalize the bands ever-evolving soundscape.

It’s with these core members that the emotive presence of LoPilato’s life’s work is alive and well.

“I try to write every day,” says LoPilato, “the (writing) process for me has always been a meditation, a place to find harmony within the suffering beauty of life. It’s something I would be doing with or without an audience.”

“I thankfully found a group of players that perform the hell out of the music and help the practice evolve into thought-out full band arrangements.”

Denni Ian

Experimental folk artist Denni Ian infuses elements of folk, punk and minimalistic indie into his acoustic lo-fi aesthetics – an original sound that would make the lo-fi indie wave of the 1990s and DIY-culture proud.

“Anti Anti” is an acoustic lo-fi project debuting a sparse and primitive soundscape – combining elements of indie folk and protest music. It’s riveting.

A master student of comparative literature, Ian’s lyrical work draws highly from literary influences as well as personal stories which he delivers with often defiant lo-fi, yet distinctive vocals.

Give Denni Ian’s catalog a thorough listen, he might just grow on you.

Van Goose

Shalomi Lavie from Van Goose never felt like he really truly ‘belonged’ in a particular scene. He likes to keep his options open and always be exposed to new things.

“Wildstar” is the 3rd single off his debut album, Habitual Eater. It’s a dandy!

“I had an older version of “Wildstar” lying around, very synth heavy, but it just didn’t click. I was looking for something more honest, minimal and exposed.”

“So I said fuck it, set up the drums, mics and everything at home in my hallway and laid down a new version in a day.” – Shalomi Lavie, on Wildstar

Good Coffee

Good Coffee is the provocative and eclectic brainchild of Cole Heathcott, an indie musician now based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Erica Dos” – his latest single – is a very laid back jam infested with undertones of folk and lo-fi psych-pop.

It’s quite simply a magnificent showcase of Good Coffee’s expansive repertoire.

Be on the lookout for more Good Coffee soon!

Deep Sea Peach Tree

Deep Sea Peach Tree is quintessential sleepy surf rock. They have a dreamy sound, and draw from the rich well of jazz, shoegaze, classic rock, and indie-rock.

“Xanzibar” is the outfit’s latest release. And, it does not disappoint in the slightest!

The track is a splendid throwback to what made the band great in the first place. A lo-fi indie slow-burner oozing with elements of psych-rock and weary vocals. A Deep Sea Peach Tree classic.


MOMS’s story began in 2015 when a couple high school friends began recording songs in a makeshift bedroom recording studio in Los Angeles.

The duo has since become a four-piece outfit.

MOMS’s androgynously whispered vocals, jazz-like guitars and drums, and heavily warm bass playing draws influence from bands like the Pixies, Portishead, and Sparklehorse.

Born of immigrant parents, the boy’s Korean background is a recurring theme in their heavily layered Music.

They’re self-proclaimed ugly Korean boys making Ugly K-Pop. Regaurdless, we think it’s rather beautiful ourselves. Anyway, decide for yourselves.

Baby FuzZ

“Mr. Blu,” from the new self-produced Plastic Paradise album, Baby FuzZ brings us a Hawaiian infused – yet quite creepy 1950s style slow ballad. It’s just lovely.

Eery vocals start the track off in a subtle way. However, before you know it, Baby FuzZ takes his vocals to new heights, revealing a polarizing scream that’s used sparingly, yet quite effectively.

It’s a bizarre half-schizo jazz crooner that somehow manages to tap into some superb songwriting. “Mr. Blu”, as the rest of Plastic Paradise, illuminates Baby FuzZ as a bizarre melodramatic tour de force.

It’s simply sublime if you ask us.

Luna Cruise

Luna Cruise is an all original poetry-styled vocal melodies with intricate instrumentation.

Here is the dreamy, “Highway to the Moon”.

Cruise brings together 60’s and 70’s psychedelic nostalgia coupled with a driving energy.

The sound is reminiscent of classic icons with a new age twist. It’s magical.

Wovoka Gentle

Wovoka Gentle is an experimental three-piece outfit from London, comprised of William J Stokes and twins, Imogen and Ellie Mason.

Taking its root in folk and Americana songwriting, the Wovoka sound draws upon the psychedelic soundscapes of the late 60s as well as contemporary experimental, pop and collage music; marrying classic instrumentation with sampling, analogue synthesis and sound manipulation.

It’s quite the sonic spectacle to behold.

Day Joy

Day Joy was conceived in response to a lover’s nightmares. You could say the artistic goal was to make the musical opposite of someone screaming in the dark. But after receiving a positive response to those early recordings, Day Joy eventually compiled a full-length LP.

A live band was assembled and a few years of national touring followed.

This upward trajectory was halted when a sibling unexpectedly passed away.

“Not Anymore” is about letting go – not burning bridges, just letting go.

Meanwhile, the mock-arrogant, “I don’t need air. I don’t need sleep. I don’t need you. You don’t need me” mantra recognizes that you can’t let go of everything. Not yet, anyway.

We are still living and breathing animals after all.

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