Cover Track of the Day: Time To Pretend by Cyrene

Rather than a cover, think of this as a re-interpretation that blurs boundaries and demolishes differences.

Cyrene is steeped in vivid iconic imagery and esoteric folk lore.

To the Ancient Greeks, she was a huntress who battled wild beasts and bewitched Apollo. The city of Cyrene, built in her honor, was a prosperous place of immense cultural and political importance.

Cyrene’s boldness and beauty, and her fearlessness and fame have inspired writers, poets, sculptors and painters for centuries.

Rather than a cover, think of this as a re-interpretation that blurs boundaries and demolishes differences.

And now, here is Cyrene’s beautiful cover of MGMT’s “Time To Pretend”.

Cyrene still exists and over time, her myth has infected the world.

The relentless pursuit of pleasure has influenced culture since the dawn of hedonism. From the Romans to celebrities to our obsession with the gilded lives of the rich and famous and the fake reality of social media, modern day society is the ultimate place to pretend.

Through Cyrene, familiar lyrics takes on a new meaning. The spellbinding sound has an otherworldly aura, a dreamlike quality that rises above both space and time.

It’s indie psych-pop at its finest, seen through the lens of Cyrene’s legend, in which secrets will slowly reveal themselves.

We feel Cyrene’s tale has just begun. Stay tuned.


Author: Ellis Walker

Ellis Walker is a poet and alt-tech journalist for Daft Wire.

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