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The song is a chilled out, cosmic lullaby that waxes and wanes itself into a dreamy soundscape littered with gravely vocals and pineal-piercing synthesizers.

Indigo Bunting

Indigo Bunting is an experimental and eclectic indie psych-pop trio out of Austin, Texas.

The transcendental outfit manifests beautifully wrought alternative lo-fi dream pop that is just as interesting as it is mysterious.

“Reading Wrong/Lavender Mountain” is their latest dual sided single, and is beyond perfection. It’s a medley that explores mortality and the fragile, finite nature of this beautiful life.

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Hunter Root

Hunter Root is an alternative grunge folk artist out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Amish country.

Hunter Root’s latest track “Talker With A Broken Jaw” was originally a poem, but was eventually transformed into a catatonic medley of blissful elegance. Thank God, because it’s fucking splendid. We hope you dig.

The track is part of an album that was released back on March 1st — dubbed “Life Inside a Wheel”.

The song is quite a departure from many of the other tracks on the album. And in our humble opinion, is absolutely riveting.

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Ross Jenkins

Ross Jenkins is an alternative folk artist out of Vancouver.

Jenkins got his start as a teenager — touring with indie rock veterans. He has also opened and toured with several successful Canadian acts throughout the years.

Here is “Green” — an acoustic lo-fi track off his latest EP also entitled, Green. It’s pretty damn cool.

Ross recorded the project at his home in Vancouver — playing all the instruments and acting as both producer and sound engineer.

The result manifests his usual influences while moving into a new, manic interpretation of rural folk music.

As with his previous project, the Irish inspired artwork was done by the wonderfully talented visual artist, Adam de Souza.

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Wood Ewe

Wood Ewe is the psychedelic brainchild of Iain Henderson — a Manchester based folk artist dishing up experimental brilliance of a transcendental nature. 

“Bonfire March” is both the opening and closing track off Wood Ewe’s self-titled debut EP. Give it a listen, and you’ll see what I mean.

The song is a chilled out, cosmic lullaby that waxes and wanes itself into a dreamy soundscape littered with gravely vocals and pineal-piercing synthesizers. It’s absolutely delectable. We hope you enjoy.

The project was written, recorded, and produced by Iain Henderson, and mixed and mastered by John A. Rivers and Eddy Hewitt at Woodbine Street, in Leamington Spa, UK.

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Ahren is an experimental neoclassical composer out of Zürich, Switzerland.

His music is inspired by tales that his life writes itself.

“Homecoming” is Ahren’s latest release in which he experiments with a unique and more organic sounding piano — fused with emotional strings and a beautiful, yet subtle electronic bass. It’s simply magnificent. Enjoy.

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Author: Jesse Gilmore

Experimental Artist and Founder of Santa Rosa Records.

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