At Mission Dolores | Grand Canyon | Jason Andrew | Indigo Bunting | Old Pup [Spotify Exclusive]

At Mission Dolores

At Mission Dolores is a psychedelic indie-pop outfit based out of Kamloops, BC.

Their latest album is an eclectic collection of dreamy lo-fi rock jams of an infectious nature. Here is “Uh Huh”, a radical track off this very album.

The outfit recorded the LP with Jordan Koop at the notorious Noise Floor studio.

The band is also planning a tour throughout Western Canada this year.

Grand Canyon

In an era of digitally created and beat driven music, Grand Canyon is the antithesis of mainstream music. The six-piece outfit draws from classic influences such as The Byrds, Warren Zevon, and Fleetwood Mac.

With Le Grand Cañon, Grand Canyon displays a masterpiece filled with sweaty, romantic tales, complete with late night yearnings fueled by emotionally charged chord patterns.

“Shangri La-La Land” sounds like it was recorded in a dark and smokey cantina in El Paso, Texas.

Grand Canyon’s semi-self-titled debut album is out now via Bodan Kuma Recordings.

Jason Andrew

Jason Andrew is an artist out of San Diego, California. His debut album All In Good Time is a montage of personal stories told through song.

Andrew’s track “Cut It Down” is a an americana masterpiece infused with layers of beautiful acoustic instrumentation.

Everything on the record was written, performed, recorded and produced by Jason Andrew.

“Cut It Down” is the first song on Jason’s album All In Good Time which was just recently released in December. It’s a beautiful work of folk art.

Indigo Bunting

Indigo Bunting is an avant garde art-pop trio out of Austin, Texas.

“Reading Wrong” is a powerful indie-pop track infested with whimsical vibrations of an extraterrestrial nature.

Using auditory alchemy, the outfit transforms a Scientologist mythos into wonderfully-wrought melody that transforms into a terrifying trip.

“let me die from having being drunk on indigo skies, my liver…overflowing with stars.” ― Sanober Khan

Old Pup

Madison-based Old Pup is a psychedelic Americana outfit with a love for lap steel, singing saw, and surrealism.

The project was created by multi-instrumentalist Will Hansen, who plays all the instruments on the recordings.

“Alexandria” is a magnificent track off Old Pup’s debut album “JunkDrawer Daydreams”.

Old Pup’s full length debut album is out March 1st, 2019.


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