[a couplet for] Cider Palace by Miserable Chillers

Notice the heartache of the lonely artist. Feel his weary sadness as he meanders through the dark forest.

He finds it hard to see the forsaken land of a tale told long ago. Overshadowed by the green namesake of a lie so low.

Who is that strumming near the cider palace? Perhaps she’d like a sip from the golden chalice.

She is but a whimsical mistress, admired as she sits for awhile upon my insistence.

The artist shudders as he thinks of the nocturnal pond of loneliness.

He wants to leave but she yearns for a thing that seems to always be slipping into the shadow of neglected pestilence.

The full length album, Schoënblintsjia comes out 2/22 via Baby Blue!



Published by

Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.