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Ryder The Eagle

Ryder The Eagle is an indie dream-pop artist out of France.

“The Picture” is a heartbreaking depiction of the post-depression emotions following the loss of a loved one — an unrequited love that has tragically slipped from ones fingertips and landed in the palm of a lonesome stranger.

Wailing synths and a sad guitar carry the soundscape — as the eagle himself soars to new lows.

The track is absolutely heart shattering. This one goes to out to all you brokenhearted dudes out there.

T. Nile – Note to Self

T. Nile spent her early days in a Galiano Island cabin on the wild coast of British Columbia.

She blurs musical boundaries by fusing elements of indie-pop and folk music.

“Working with both acoustic and electronic instruments gives me a sense of unlimited musical possibility…” – T. Nile

From the age of six until her teenage years Nile accompanied her father (a musician himself) as they toured the West Coast and Australia in an RV.

“Note to Self” is an iridescent indie throwback to the outlaw folk ballad featuring Sadowick and Dave Quanbury. It’s simply a ravishing medley.



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