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God Of Love

Lo-fi indie outfit God of Love is made up of Cole and Chase Burnett — two psychedelic brothers from the great state of Texas.

Their latest track “Gabriel” is a nostalgic echo from the past shadows of a fading life. A reflection on the inner workings of the wandering mind — attempting to make its way through the blur of reality’s madness.

The poignant vocals of God of Love floats above a truly magnificent soundscape — sparkling with accents of lucid stardust and cosmic craftsmanship.

The sonic spectacle of this indie outfit is a trip to behold. We hope to hear more from God of Love very soon.


“Forgotten “Time” is a new track from the upcoming debut album of Tru3rivr entitled, Late in the Day.

The intricate soundscape shines through warm fuzzy vocals of self-inflicted solitude and the eternal quest for the most ancient of all truisms.

The track maintains a relaxed feeling throughout with silky melodies over a primitive beat — and a piano solo that evolves into a long meandering journey of self-reflection and the quest for inner peace.

Take the trip and travel to a place now long forgotten. A place in possession of the truth — the hidden chamber of the eternal secret.

Festive Boat

Festive Boat is the experimental DIY indie-pop bedroom project of Nicole Roman-Johnston.

After having served as the sole female member of several indie bands, Nicole has finally set sail toward finding her very own sound using her laptop, wifi, and the lonely instruments strewn about the floor of her bedroom studio.

The sound of Festive Boat muddies the warm waters of analog and digital, lo-fi and complex, lighthearted and inquisitive. A heartfelt indie-pop ballad driven by a winsome guitar, a chorus of lovely juvenile vocals, a vintage drum machine, and experimental measures one can only achieve in the solace and comfort of the bedroom studio.

New Festive Boat projects are on the Horizon — so stay tuned!


Formed back in 2012, Österlen-based Tjuv is a fusion of 70s and 90s indie with a bit of 80s electro influence.

Old friends who connected again by chance — songwriters Martin Svensson and Peter Anthonsson eventually joined up with drummer Anders Persson and keyboardist Anders Thoren from Wildie and then went on to recruit Martin Tell for his signature subterranean basslines…

Utilizing a fair amount of vocal harmonies and rambling, dreamlike melodies deriving as much from Americana as from their Swedish roots — Tjuv is now a more complex and complete organism — larger than any one part of its separate entities.

Tjuv´s debut album was recorded and mixed at the old school studio in Äsperöd and in Seved, Malmö by Tjuv and Wildie member, Rasmus Svensson.

Grow Native Plants!

Grow Native Plants! is an experimental indie outfit from planet earth who wants you to support your local habitats and creatures of the forest by exclusively growing native flowers and other plants.

Their track “Catchin Air (Blue Moon Sea-shine)” is a rhythmic meditation on a fragile thing lost long ago.

Exotic plants — if planted in the wild — wreak havoc on the native environment and oftentimes eradicate sensitive ecosystems. The same goes for many exotic animals released into the wild.

Think before you plant or release any type of exotic organism.

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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